Do I need a Google Ads account to use Sprizzy’s YouTube Promotion?

No, you do not. All YouTube promotions are managed by Sprizzy in our own Google Ads account. In addition, all payments will be made directly to Sprizzy Media; you will never be billed by Google.

What are the payment methods for the YouTube Promotions?

Currently, we accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Payments are securely handled by Braintree (a PayPal company).

Can agencies and record labels use Sprizzy to promote their clients’ videos?

Absolutely. We can promote any type of YouTube video, even if you do not have access to the channel itself.

What type of channels/videos can you promote?

We work with a large variety of channel topics; including musicians, gamers, vloggers, families, comedians, news, self-help, religion, travel, education, social media influencers, and more. We can promote any type of YouTube channel.  

In addition, we love working with channels both big and small and can handle budgets of any size.

Is it safe to buy YouTube views/pay for YouTube promotion?

While many services claim you can “buy YouTube views”, many are also fraudulent which will lead to the views eventually disappearing. This is NOT the case with Sprizzy. With Sprizzy, all promotions and views originate from the YouTube Ads platform (via Google Ads) and follow the YouTube terms of service. All views are verifiable in your YouTube Creator Studio’s Analytics as “YouTube advertising”. We have successfully promoted over 1.5 million channels.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If we are unable to promote your YouTube video for any reason (for example, Google/YouTube Ads didn’t approve of your video), your money will be refunded.

How will this affect my average Watch Time and Audience Retention?

Most video promotions will see watch times/audience retention similar to or a bit lower than their channel’s existing average. Not to worry, this is completely normal!  

Naturally, your organic retention will be higher as you’re generating views from your existing subscribers (people who already know and love your content). As with any type of advertising, your Sprizzy YouTube promotion may not appeal to every person that sees it. With Sprizzy, our goal is to help you find more of those loyal subscribers with the idea that they will revisit your channel and watch your new and existing videos. As you amass more of these subscribers, your videos will generate more views and therefore more watch time (in addition to those high retention views!). This is the recipe for higher rankings and expedited channel growth.

Do views from Sprizzy count towards my video’s watch time?

Views from Sprizzy will count towards your video’s watch time, which can be beneficial for ranking higher in YouTube’s search results and having your video recommended throughout YouTube.  

However, views do not count towards the 4,000 public watch hours needed for monetization. This is standard for any promotion through the Google/YouTube Ads platform.

Can you guarantee I’ll get more subscribers, likes, or comments?

Keep in mind that your YouTube video is going to be seen by real people. If the viewer enjoys your video, they can subscribe, like, or comment just as they would with any other video on YouTube. This also means there’s the possibility you’ll receive dislikes, negative comments, or have the viewer leave without doing anything. We encourage you to learn from the feedback and apply it to your future videos. With that being said, 80% of our YouTube promotions do see some form of engagement from viewers.  

Please note: You should stay away from anyone or any YouTube promotion services that make guarantees for subscribers, likes, and comments. These are likely inactive, fake YouTube accounts that will have no lasting positive impact on your channel.

Will my views, subscribers, likes, and comments disappear after the campaign?

Unlike other companies that promote youtube videos, your video will be seen by real people. All views, subscribers, likes, and comments will remain on your YouTube channel after your Sprizzy campaign.