Why use Sprizzy instead of Google Ads (YouTube Ads) Directly?

Sprizzy vs. Google Ads  

This is a great question and one we hear quite often.  

Likely, you’ve tried creating YouTube Ads to buy views in the past with little-to-no success…   

If you’re like most users, you spent hours figuring out how to start a campaign to quickly learn that you are not getting the subscribers you’d hoped for. But there’s a reason for this…  

YouTube Ads are not optimized to generate subscribers — only to buy views!  

This is where Sprizzy helps.  
1) We create your campaign in our Google Ads account.  
2) We power it up with hundreds of custom “proven-to-work” audiences.  
3) Our algorithms continuously analyze and optimize to get you the most YouTube subscribers for your buck.  

While Sprizzy and Google Ads can both get your videos “seen,” Sprizzy campaigns, on average, see nearly DOUBLE the subscribers versus using Google Ads directly. See the benefits of using Sprizzy below.  

Sprizzy Promotions are Optimized for Subscribers  

» Sprizzy campaigns are built to grow Subscribers.  

-While Google Ads focuses on views, our campaigns are designed to get you more subscribers. Sprizzy continuously learns and optimizes to bring you the lowest CPS (cost-per-subscriber), resulting in more lifelong fans.  

» We automatically test over 200 audience combinations.  

-You can spend countless hours and money testing audience segments with various combinations of keywords, topics, placements, affinities, demographics, and more. Alternatively, you can let Sprizzy create and test them all for you using Sprizzy’s free Audience Optimizer.  

» Our reporting interface is straightforward and built to save you money.  

-Google Ads is not optimized to save you money; Sprizzy is. Our straightforward reporting allows you to analyze and eliminate any underperforming audiences refocusing your budget where it matters most.  

» We create expert-level Google Ads campaigns in minutes.  

-Even for a seasoned veteran, navigating the Google Ads interface is complicated and cumbersome. Sprizzy’s simple 3-step process creates highly effective YouTube Ad campaigns in minutes without requiring knowledge of the Google Ads advertising platform. As a result, Sprizzy is the quickest way to promote your videos.  

Additional benefits:  
• No Google Ads account or knowledge is required.  
• We’ll write all of your ads.  
• We’ll appeal all/any denied ads.  
• All campaigns are reviewed and optimized by a Sprizzy specialist upon submission.  
• Enable “earned” metrics to track campaign ROI.