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Reach Buyers or Grow Your Your Channel with YouTube Video Ads

Promote property listings or grow your real estate channel with targeted video campaigns that you can create in minutes.

Reach Your Local Market

Reach Your Local Market

Target viewers in cities, zip codes, or a radius from your office or property listing, ensuring your videos reach the most relevant audience.

Connect With Active Buyers

Connect With Active Buyers

Use Google Search retargeting to find buyers actively looking for real estate listings or an agent like you.

Gain Subscribers and Listing Views

Gain Subscribers and Leads

Viewers can subscribe to your channel, visit a listing on Zillow, or more. You decide.

Set Up Your Real Estate YouTube Ad in 3 Simple Steps.

Simple, quick, and effective—start reaching potential buyers and sellers in moments with our streamlined YouTube ad creation process.

Step 1: Select Your Feature Video

Showcase your property listing or brand YouTube video.

Step 2: Define Your Goals & Audience

Boost leads or grow your real estate channel, target your ideal audience with precision. Choose locations, keywords, and demographics to match your real estate niche.

Step 3: Launch Your Campaign & See Growth

Hit 'Start' and watch as Sprizzy brings your real estate business into the spotlight. Monitor growth in real time and see your audience of potential buyers and sellers expand.

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Thousands of Real Estate Professionals Trust Sprizzy

Discover how we’ve helped real estate agents and brokers increase visibility, attract clients, and close more sales with our agent marketing.

  • 5 star review

    “Sprizzy's targeted real estate ads connected my listings with high-value buyers, growing my subscriber base to over 6,000.”

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    Amber Anderson

    Broker Associate, La Jolla Luxury Real Estate

  • 5 star review

    “Geo-targeting with Sprizzy brought my luxury real estate listings to life, directly attracting potential buyers in Palm Beach.”

    User image

    Judy Ballard

    Real Estate Specialist, Palm Beach Luxury Condominiums

  • 5 star review

    “With Sprizzy, I've shared my real estate expertise with a wider audience, enhancing my reputation as a trusted expert.”

    User image

    Tatiana Londono

    Founder & CEO, Londono Realty Group Inc

  • 5 star review

    “Sprizzy's campaigns connected our walkthroughs with U.S. buyers, making MyCasa the go-to for Riviera Maya properties.”

    User image

    Raul Morales

    Founder & CEO, MyCasa Real Estate Riviera Maya

  • 5 star review

    “Sprizzy helped skyrocket my channel from 36 to over 35,000 subscribers, amplifying my reach to thousands of investors.”

    User image

    Greg Barron

    CEO, The Barron Companies

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Your Questions, Answered

All you need to know to get started with our real estate video marketing service.

What is Sprizzy?

Sprizzy, founded in 2016 and based in Mount Laurel, NJ, USA, is a family-owned company and the original YouTube marketing platform made specifically for increasing YouTube channel subscribers. Our mission is clear: we aim to help YouTubers expand their audience safely and effectively by showcasing their videos to new potential fans.

Think of us as your video’s matchmaker. We design tailored YouTube Ad campaigns that connect your content with viewers actively searching for videos like yours. All our promotions run directly on YouTube’s ad platform, Google Ads, ensuring that our promotions are fully compliant with YouTube’s terms of service. This not only guarantees that your new subscribers are authentic, engaged fans but also secures your channel’s standing on YouTube.

Now in our 8th year, we’ve partnered with over 1.5 million YouTube channels, contributing to over 240 million new subscribers for our clients. Our campaigns have propelled musicians and bands to fame, supported the launch of major apps, and transformed emerging YouTubers into well-known influencers. Chances are, you’ve already encountered a channel that has grown thanks to Sprizzy’s expertise!

Whether you’re looking to spread the word about your YouTube videos or are looking to enhance your channel’s subscriber count, Sprizzy simplifies the process with an easy 3-step platform designed to grow your channel and build a loyal fan base.

Why use Sprizzy instead of Google Ads (YouTube Ads) Directly?

Sprizzy vs. Google Ads: Maximizing Your YouTube Growth

Choosing between Sprizzy and Google Ads for YouTube promotion? While Google Ads might seem like the go-to for video promotion, it primarily focuses on views, not subscriber growth. That’s where Sprizzy shines.

Why Google Ads Might Not Be Enough

Google Ads is a powerful tool, but it’s designed with views in mind, not the growth of your subscriber base. Many users find that despite investing in Google Ads, their subscriber count doesn’t reflect the effort or expense.

Unlock Subscriber Growth with Sprizzy

Sprizzy is engineered to boost your subscriber numbers by optimizing campaigns specifically for this purpose. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Campaign Creation: We tailor your campaigns within our expertly managed Google Ads account.
  2. Audience Optimization: Harnessing hundreds of custom audiences proven to engage, our system dynamically fine-tunes your campaign for the best results.
  3. Performance Analysis: Continuous, algorithm-driven optimizations ensure your budget yields the maximum number of subscribers.

Exclusive Advantages of Sprizzy

  • Optimized for Subscribers: We don’t just aim for views; our goal is to expand your channel’s subscriber base efficiently, doubling the average subscriber increase compared to Google Ads.
  • Comprehensive Audience Testing: Skip the trial-and-error of audience segmentation. Sprizzy’s Audience Optimizer does the heavy lifting, testing over 200 combinations for you.
  • Cost-Efficient Reporting: Our platform is designed to maximize your budget, highlighting and eliminating underperforming segments to focus your spend on successful audiences.
  • Simplified Campaign Creation: Forget the complexity of Google Ads. Sprizzy’s streamlined process launches your campaign in minutes, no prior advertising experience needed.

Why Sprizzy Stands Out:

  • No need for a Google Ads account or expertise.
  • We craft compelling ad copy for you.
  • Expert appeals for any denied ads.
  • Personalized review and optimization by a Sprizzy specialist.
  • Access to “earned” metrics to gauge your campaign’s success.

Make the Smart Choice with Sprizzy

For YouTubers aiming for genuine channel growth, Sprizzy offers a targeted, efficient, and user-friendly alternative to Google Ads. With our specialized focus on increasing subscribers and our platform’s ease of use, launching successful campaigns has never been easier. Experience the Sprizzy difference and propel your YouTube channel to new heights.

How does your YouTube promotion work/who will see my video?

How does Sprizzy promote my video on YouTube?

Sprizzy makes it easy to get your video in front of the right YouTube viewers. We use YouTube’s Ad platform (Google Ads) to directly promote your video. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Your Video: Choose the video from your channel that you want to promote.
  2. Define Your Audience: Provide keywords or phrases related to your video content. This helps us understand what your video is about and who might be interested in watching it.
  3. Identify Similar Channels (Optional): You can also specify channels that are similar to yours. This is optional but helps us target viewers who are already interested in similar content.
  4. We Promote Your Video: Based on the information you provide, we promote your video to YouTube users who are searching for your keywords or enjoy watching videos from the similar channels you’ve identified.

Example 1: Yoga Instructor

  • A yoga instructor wants to promote a “yoga basics” video.
  • They target keywords like “yoga poses” and “yoga workout”.
  • People searching for these terms or watching related videos will see this video recommended to them.

Example 2: Emerging Pop Singer

  • An emerging pop singer wants to promote their music video.
  • They target fans of well-known artists like “Adele” and “Beyonce”.
  • This ensures that the video is shown to viewers with an interest in pop music.

This targeted approach ensures that your video is seen by viewers who are most likely to be interested in your content, increasing the chances of engagement and growth for your YouTube channel.

Where will my YouTube video be promoted?

Your YouTube video will be promoted directly on YouTube in three key ways:

  1. In-Feed Video: Your video appears alongside similar content as an “In-Feed” ad. It’s presented to viewers who are watching related videos, increasing the chances they’ll click on yours.
  2. In-Stream: Your video acts as a “commercial” ad, playing before other videos. Viewers can choose to watch your video or skip after 5 seconds. You’re charged only if they watch for at least 30 seconds or interact with the ad.
  3. Featured Search Result: Your video is displayed as a “search” ad at the top of YouTube search results for relevant keywords. This makes it the first thing people see when they search for content like yours.

We tailor promotions using the keywords and similar channels you specify, ensuring your video reaches the right audience. You can select the ad types you prefer or let our system automatically choose the most effective ones for subscriber growth.


  • As an In-Feed Video, your video is suggested next to similar content, making it easy for interested viewers to find and engage with your channel.
  • In the In-Stream format, your video is shown before a related video starts, giving viewers a direct look at your content. You’re charged for the view only if they watch for at least 30 seconds.
  • As a Featured Search Result, when someone searches for keywords related to your content, your video appears at the top, instantly grabbing their attention.

These promotion methods are effective for various content types, including musicians, gamers, vloggers, educators, and more, ensuring your video gets the visibility and engagement it deserves.

Which video(s) from my YouTube channel do you promote?

You decide which video you’d like Sprizzy to promote. For best results, especially if you’re aiming to gain more subscribers, it’s wise to pick a video that’s already popular and engaging on your channel. This approach leverages your content’s proven appeal to attract more viewers.

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- Nick Crews - Real Estate Agent

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