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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Sprizzy?
Sprizzy is a promotional platform for YouTubers who are looking to grow their channel views and subscribers.
We help you expand the reach of your video or channel and in many cases, give it the viral “spark” it needs!
How does your promotion work/who will see my video?
Like matchmaking for YouTube videos, Sprizzy will analyze your video, understand your target audience, and promote it to YouTubers who fit this criteria. In short, we’re placing your video in front of people who would enjoy seeing it.
Where will my video be displayed?
Your video will be promoted across hundreds of websites; this includes promotion on YouTube itself!
How much does it cost?
Pricing starts at $25, which will get you 1,000 views or more. Campaigns of $100 and up will receive an additional 10% bonus views for free. Any shares, subscribers, likes, clicks to your website, etc., are all free!
Are the views real?
Yes, all views are 100% real. We do not believe in artificially inflating your view count using bots as this can get your channel banned by YouTube and does not contribute to long term growth.
Who's Working with Sprizzy?
“Sprizzy's partnership with music related websites was exactly what I needed to get my band the exposure it needed. I got an additional 20,000 views, and hundreds of subscribers, in just 3 days.”

Tim Archuleta
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