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Success Stories

Real Results from 2024: See how Sprizzy helped YouTubers like you achieve their growth goals. Our clients have seen significant increases in views, subscribers, and engagement.

AztroGrizz – 1,156 New Subscribers in 10 days

Goal: A multi-genre music duo wanted more fans from the Colorado state area.

  • Sprizzy’s algorithm successfully generated 1,156 subscribers, 84 comments, 373 playlist additions, and 667 likes from 20,099 ad views.
  • Users who clicked Sprizzy’s ad revisited the channel leading to 5,368 additional (free) views. This number is continuing to increase.
  • Sprizzy’s algorithm found the highest response rate came from males located in Denver, CO., ages 18-34, with an affinity for Outdoor Sports.
  • Client has seen an increase in Spotify plays and monthly listeners since their Sprizzy promotion. – 500% Increase in Subscribers

Goal: International golf brand wants to increase awareness on YouTube.

  • Sprizzy successfully grew GolfTec’s subscribers from 12,000 to over 58,700 (and counting).
  • With the momentum generated by Sprizzy’s promotions, GolfTec’s channel is now growing by over 500 new subscribers per day.
  • GolfTec has successfully generated over 12.4 million viewers (and counting).
  • Sprizzy’s algorithm found the highest response rate from males, ages 25-54, actively watching videos related to golf tips for beginners.

Children’s Channel Grows from 66 to 3,670 Subscribers

Goal: Children’s products brand aims to grow following quickly.

  • Sprizzy quickly grew Zoopy Zoom’s subscribers from 66 to over 3,670 in only 9 days.
  • The channel has seen a large increase in engagement on its new videos.
  • Sprizzy’s algorithm found the highest response rate by targeting new mothers, females, ages 25-44, actively watching videos featuring children’s content.

New Music Podcast Gains 1,000+ New Subscribers in 1 Month

Goal: Increase podcast listeners with a modest budget.

  • Sprizzy successfully increased the channel’s subscriber count by over 1,000 in less than a month.
  • Reports show a high level of “earned views,” confirming viewers are listening to multiple podcast episodes.
  • The podcast continues to use Sprizzy to grow the listener count further.
  • Sprizzy’s algorithm found the highest response rate by targeting podcast fans who enjoy hip-hop music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my views, subscribers, likes, and comments disappear after the campaign?

No, they won’t. With Sprizzy, your video is promoted to real people, not bots. This means that all the views, subscribers, likes, and comments you gain from your Sprizzy campaign are here to stay on your YouTube channel. Unlike some other services, we ensure your growth is authentic and permanent.

Is it safe to buy YouTube views/pay for YouTube promotion?

Yes, it’s safe. Unlike some services that offer questionable “buy YouTube views” options, Sprizzy is different. All the views and promotions you get through Sprizzy come directly from YouTube’s Ads platform, courtesy of Google Ads. This means they’re completely legitimate, follow YouTube’s rules, and will show up in your YouTube Creator Studio’s Analytics as “YouTube advertising”. We’ve already helped over 1.5 million channels grow, all within YouTube’s terms of service.

Can I promote monetized videos and earn from them?

Absolutely! You can promote videos that are monetized, and you’ll also earn revenue from the promotion. This means any views you gain through Sprizzy’s promotion can contribute to your overall earnings, just like any organic views would.

How does Sprizzy contribute to long-term channel growth and engagement?

Sprizzy is designed to do more than just boost your immediate views or subscriber count; we aim to foster sustainable growth and genuine engagement for your YouTube channel. By strategically targeting viewers who are most likely to enjoy and engage with your content, we help you build a dedicated fan base that supports your channel long after the initial promotion.

Here’s how Sprizzy aids in long-term growth and engagement:

  • Targeted Promotion: We employ sophisticated targeting to ensure your videos reach viewers who are most inclined to engage with your content, leading to higher interaction rates, including likes, comments, and shares, which are vital for sustained growth.
  • Quality Subscribers: The core of Sprizzy’s service is to help you gain subscribers who have a genuine interest in your channel. These subscribers are more likely to engage with your future content, increasing your channel’s visibility on YouTube and promoting organic growth.
  • Feedback Loop: Insights gathered from your campaign provide invaluable feedback on your audience’s preferences, allowing you to refine your content strategy effectively. This feedback is crucial for continuously enhancing your channel’s appeal and keeping your subscriber base engaged and growing.
  • Compliance with YouTube’s Policies: By ensuring all promotions adhere to YouTube’s terms of service, Sprizzy maintains your channel’s good standing, safeguarding its growth trajectory and monetization capabilities.
  • Sustained Engagement: By focusing on building a community of engaged subscribers, Sprizzy sets the stage for long-term channel success. Engaged subscribers are more likely to share your content, further amplifying your reach and impact on YouTube.

By prioritizing these key aspects, Sprizzy ensures that the growth you experience contributes meaningfully to your channel’s long-term success, fostering a community of subscribers that remains engaged and supportive.

Why use Sprizzy instead of Google Ads (YouTube Ads) Directly?

Sprizzy vs. Google Ads: Maximizing Your YouTube Growth

Choosing between Sprizzy and Google Ads for YouTube promotion? While Google Ads might seem like the go-to for video promotion, it primarily focuses on views, not subscriber growth. That’s where Sprizzy shines.

Why Google Ads Might Not Be Enough

Google Ads is a powerful tool, but it’s designed with views in mind, not the growth of your subscriber base. Many users find that despite investing in Google Ads, their subscriber count doesn’t reflect the effort or expense.

Unlock Subscriber Growth with Sprizzy

Sprizzy is engineered to boost your subscriber numbers by optimizing campaigns specifically for this purpose. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Campaign Creation: We tailor your campaigns within our expertly managed Google Ads account.
  2. Audience Optimization: Harnessing hundreds of custom audiences proven to engage, our system dynamically fine-tunes your campaign for the best results.
  3. Performance Analysis: Continuous, algorithm-driven optimizations ensure your budget yields the maximum number of subscribers.

Exclusive Advantages of Sprizzy

  • Optimized for Subscribers: We don’t just aim for views; our goal is to expand your channel’s subscriber base efficiently, doubling the average subscriber increase compared to Google Ads.
  • Comprehensive Audience Testing: Skip the trial-and-error of audience segmentation. Sprizzy’s Audience Optimizer does the heavy lifting, testing over 200 combinations for you.
  • Cost-Efficient Reporting: Our platform is designed to maximize your budget, highlighting and eliminating underperforming segments to focus your spend on successful audiences.
  • Simplified Campaign Creation: Forget the complexity of Google Ads. Sprizzy’s streamlined process launches your campaign in minutes, no prior advertising experience needed.

Why Sprizzy Stands Out:

  • No need for a Google Ads account or expertise.
  • We craft compelling ad copy for you.
  • Expert appeals for any denied ads.
  • Personalized review and optimization by a Sprizzy specialist.
  • Access to “earned” metrics to gauge your campaign’s success.

Make the Smart Choice with Sprizzy

For YouTubers aiming for genuine channel growth, Sprizzy offers a targeted, efficient, and user-friendly alternative to Google Ads. With our specialized focus on increasing subscribers and our platform’s ease of use, launching successful campaigns has never been easier. Experience the Sprizzy difference and propel your YouTube channel to new heights.