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Success Stories

Real Results from 2024: See how Sprizzy helped YouTubers like you achieve their growth goals. Our clients have seen significant increases in views, subscribers, and engagement.

AztroGrizz – 1,156 New Subscribers in 10 days

Goal: A multi-genre music duo wanted more fans from the Colorado state area.

  • Sprizzy’s algorithm successfully generated 1,156 subscribers, 84 comments, 373 playlist additions, and 667 likes from 20,099 ad views.
  • Users who clicked Sprizzy’s ad revisited the channel leading to 5,368 additional (free) views. This number is continuing to increase.
  • Sprizzy’s algorithm found the highest response rate came from males located in Denver, CO., ages 18-34, with an affinity for Outdoor Sports.
  • Client has seen an increase in Spotify plays and monthly listeners since their Sprizzy promotion. – 500% Increase in Subscribers

Goal: International golf brand wants to increase awareness on YouTube.

  • Sprizzy successfully grew GolfTec’s subscribers from 12,000 to over 58,700 (and counting).
  • With the momentum generated by Sprizzy’s promotions, GolfTec’s channel is now growing by over 500 new subscribers per day.
  • GolfTec has successfully generated over 12.4 million viewers (and counting).
  • Sprizzy’s algorithm found the highest response rate from males, ages 25-54, actively watching videos related to golf tips for beginners.

Children’s Channel Grows from 66 to 3,670 Subscribers

Goal: Children’s products brand aims to grow following quickly.

  • Sprizzy quickly grew Zoopy Zoom’s subscribers from 66 to over 3,670 in only 9 days.
  • The channel has seen a large increase in engagement on its new videos.
  • Sprizzy’s algorithm found the highest response rate by targeting new mothers, females, ages 25-44, actively watching videos featuring children’s content.

New Music Podcast Gains 1,000+ New Subscribers in 1 Month

Goal: Increase podcast listeners with a modest budget.

  • Sprizzy successfully increased the channel’s subscriber count by over 1,000 in less than a month.
  • Reports show a high level of “earned views,” confirming viewers are listening to multiple podcast episodes.
  • The podcast continues to use Sprizzy to grow the listener count further.
  • Sprizzy’s algorithm found the highest response rate by targeting podcast fans who enjoy hip-hop music.