Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Sprizzy YouTube Promotion Service?

    Sprizzy, a family-owned company, was founded in 2016 in Mount Laurel, NJ, USA. We pride ourselves on being the original YouTube marketing platform made specifically for increasing YouTube channel subscribers. Our mission is simple — to help YouTubers grow their channels safely and effectively by exposing their videos to new potential fans.  

    Like a “matchmaking” service, Sprizzy crafts highly effective YouTube Ad campaigns targeting YouTubers searching for videos like yours. All promotions take place on YouTube’s ad platform (Google Ads), ensuring those new subscribers to your channel are real, lifelong fans.  

    Throughout the last 6+ years, Sprizzy has worked with over 1,500,000 YouTube channels resulting in over 240 million new YouTube subscribers for our clients. The success of our YouTube Ads campaigns has helped musicians & bands get discovered (and signed), aided in the launch of significant iOS and Android applications, and turned small-time YouTubers into household names. There’s a good chance that one of the YouTube channels you frequent has used Sprizzy to promote its YouTube videos!  

    Whether you’re looking to get the word out about one of your YouTube videos or gain new subscribers to your YouTube channel, Sprizzy’s promotion can help you along the way.

  • Why use Sprizzy instead of Google Ads (YouTube Ads) Directly?

    Sprizzy vs. Google Ads: Which One Should You Use?

    If you’re looking to promote your videos on YouTube, you may have considered using Google Ads. However, after spending countless hours and money trying to start a campaign and buying views, you may have found that you’re not getting the subscribers you hoped for.

    The Problem with Google Ads

    Here’s the thing: Google’s YouTube ads are not optimized to generate subscribers – they are designed to buy views only. But there’s a better way – Sprizzy.

    How Sprizzy Can Help You Grow Your Subscribers

    Sprizzy is a video promotion service that optimizes campaigns for subscribers. Here’s how it works:

    1. We create your campaign in our Google Ads account
    2. We power it up with hundreds of custom “proven-to-work” audiences
    3. Our algorithms continuously analyze and optimize to get you the most YouTube subscribers for your budget

    While both Sprizzy and Google Ads can get your videos “seen,” Sprizzy campaigns, on average, see nearly DOUBLE the subscribers versus using Google Ads directly. Here are some of the benefits of using Sprizzy:

    Sprizzy Promotions are Optimized for Subscribers

    • Sprizzy campaigns are built to grow subscribers. While Google Ads focuses on views, our campaigns are designed to get you more subscribers. Sprizzy continuously learns and optimizes to bring you the lowest CPS (cost-per-subscriber), resulting in more lifelong fans.

    We Automatically Test Over 200 Audience Combinations

    • You can spend countless hours and money testing audience segments with various combinations of keywords, topics, placements, affinities, demographics, and more. Alternatively, you can let Sprizzy create and test them all for you using our free Audience Optimizer.

    Our Reporting Interface is Straightforward and Built to Save You Money

    • Google Ads is not optimized to save you money; Sprizzy is. Our straightforward reporting allows you to analyze and eliminate any underperforming audiences, refocusing your budget where it matters most.

    We Create Expert-Level Google Ads Campaigns in Minutes

    • Even for a seasoned veteran, navigating the Google Ads interface is complicated and cumbersome. Sprizzy’s simple 3-step process creates highly effective YouTube Ad campaigns in minutes without requiring knowledge of the Google Ads advertising platform. As a result, Sprizzy is the quickest way to promote your videos.

    Additional Benefits

    • No Google Ads account or knowledge is required
    • We’ll write all of your ads
    • We’ll appeal all/any denied ads
    • All campaigns are reviewed and optimized by a Sprizzy specialist upon submission
    • Enable “earned” metrics to track campaign ROI


    If you’re looking to grow your subscribers on YouTube, Sprizzy is the better choice over Google Ads. With a focus on subscribers and an easy-to-use platform that saves you time and money, Sprizzy can help you create expert-level campaigns that get results. Try Sprizzy today and see the difference for yourself!

  • How does your YouTube promotion work/who will see my video?

    Sprizzy exists to put your video in front of the YouTubers who’d want to see it. We do this by promoting your video directly on YouTube through YouTube’s Ad platform (Google Ads)!  

    The process is simple:  
    1. You choose a video you want to promote.  
    2. You provide a few keywords/phrases that describe your video.  
    3. You provide a few channels that are most similar to yours (optional).  
    4. We promote your video to YouTubers searching for your keywords and/or viewers of those similar channels.  

    For example, a yoga teacher promoting her “yoga basics” video could target the keywords “yoga poses” and “yoga workout”. Anyone searching for (or watching videos about) these keywords would see her video as a recommended video.  

    In the case of an up-and-coming pop singer, they could target fans of “Adele” and “Beyonce” ensuring that only fans of “pop music” would be exposed to their video.  

  • Is my channel/video a good fit for Sprizzy’s YouTube Promotion?

    For Sprizzy to properly match your YouTube video with a relevant audience, ideally, you should be able to answer “yes” to one of the following questions…  

    1. Does my YouTube video answer a question, explain how something works, or teach the viewer how to do something?  

    If your YouTube video answers a common question and explains it in an easy-to-follow narrative, you’re setting yourself up for success. Millions of YouTubers are searching for answers to their questions every day.  

    Examples of questions:  

    • How to tie a tie  
    • How to register to vote  
    • How to cook rice  
    • How to invest in stocks for beginners  

    Pro Tip: For high-volume questions, try enabling only the YouTube Search Results > “Search Ads” ad type in the “Build Ad” section of your campaign. Then, ensure the keywords/phrases entered in “Targeting” match what your audience will be searching for.  

    2. Are there already large YouTube channels covering my channel’s topic?  

    No matter how “niche” your channel’s topic is, if there are large YouTube channels (with 1+ million subscribers) creating videos just like yours, you’re in luck.  You can use Sprizzy to target your video to the subscribers and viewers of these channels.  

    Examples of topics:  

    • British car enthusiasts  
    • Weight-loss recipes  
    • DIY home improvement  
    • Chess tips and tricks  

    Pro Tip: For best results, target your campaign to show only to viewers and subscribers of your competitors’ channels.  You can learn how to do this here.  

    3. Are many YouTubers searching for videos like mine?  

    If there are a lot of people searching YouTube for videos like yours, we can reach them.  

    Examples of searches:  

    • Things to do in Las Vegas  
    • Tips for losing weight  
    • Apple Watch review  
    • • Funny stand-up comedians  

    Pro Tip: In the “Targeting” step, avoid entering generic keywords such as “vlog,” “funny”, “music.” These do not clearly define an audience and will attract untargeted viewers with varying interests.  

    4. YouTube music video promotion and song promotion?  

    Music videos perform very well on the Sprizzy promotion platform due to our ability to reach the fans of similar artists & musicians.  

    What if my YouTube video doesn’t fit one of the above questions?  

    We occasionally run into this scenario with social media vloggers, “a day in the life” videos, “get ready with me” videos, promotional social media content, or those covering a topic with a small number of followers. As we can’t clearly define your target audience, or there are too few viewers, our system will automatically test broader audiences. Results can vary greatly.

  • Where will my YouTube video be promoted?

    Your YouTube video will be promoted as a sponsored advertisement directly on YouTube and will be promoted in 3 different ways:  

    1. As a “recommended” video alongside similar videos (also known as “discovery” ads).  

    2. As a “commercial” before similar videos (also known as “in-stream” ads).  

    3. As a “featured” search result (also known as YouTube “search” ads). When a YouTube user searches for one of your keywords, your video will be displayed at the top of the YouTube search results.  

    Just as a reminder, we’ll use the keywords and similar channels you provide us to ensure that only people interested in your content will see it. You can select the type of YouTube ads you want to be enabled or allow our system to automatically choose the type of advertisements that generate the most subscribers.  

    For example, you are a yoga instructor, and you’re looking to grow your subscribers on YouTube.  

    -In scenario 1, a viewer on YouTube is watching an instructional yoga video; Sprizzy would promote your video to them as a recommended video. The viewer can now click on your YouTube video, where they can like, comment, and subscribe.  

    -In scenario 2, rather than requiring a viewer to click to watch your YouTube video, Sprizzy can show your video as a commercial before the targeted video begins playing. The viewer can either choose to watch your video or skip it. You do not pay for the view if the viewer does not decide to watch your video for at least 30 seconds.  

    In scenario 3, a user will perform a search for yoga-related content and see your video as the first search result.  

    This same concept can be applied to musicians, bands, rappers, gamers, vloggers, apps, websites, products, social media, book authors, and more.  

    -YouTube Promotion Service Examples-  

    Recommended Video (Discovery Ad) Example

    Google Ads YouTube In-Feed Ads

    When a YouTube user is watching a video similar to yours, your video will be promoted as an ad alongside it.  

    Commercial (In-Stream Ad) Example

    Google Ads YouTube In-Stream Ads

    For the commercial, you only are charged for views when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of your video.  

    YouTube Search Ads

    Google Ads YouTube In-Feed Search Ads

    When a YouTube user searches for one of your keywords/phrases (example: “best yoga videos”), your video will be promoted at the top of the results.

  • Which video(s) from my YouTube channel do you promote?

    When setting up your first promotion, you get to choose which video Sprizzy will promote to the public. If the goal of the video promotion is to generate more subscribers on YouTube, we recommend choosing a video that has organically performed very well for your channel (a video that has received a lot of viewer engagement).

  • How much does Sprizzy cost, and how many viewers will I receive?

    How much does Sprizzy cost?  

    Currently, the minimum budget to promote a YouTube video is $50. On average, a $50 campaign will receive between 1,111-2,222 highly targeted views on YouTube. Like Google Ads, the pricing is dynamic and depends heavily on your target audience’s value (the more valuable the audience, the more competition exists). However, the cost per viewer typically ranges between 2.25-5 cents.  

    What is your payment model?  
    Sprizzy is a “pay-as-you-go” platform. This means there are no monthly fees and no hidden costs for our services, and you deposit (upfront) exactly the amount you want to spend for each video promotion. You will never be charged more.  

    What am I paying for?  
    You pay for each view.  Sprizzy deducts a small amount from your total remaining budget each time we find a new viewer for your video.  The cost per viewer typically ranges between 2.25-5 cents but can be more or less.  If a viewer from your Sprizzy promotion watches your video again or any other videos on your channel, you are not charged for these views — they are free to you.  YouTube likes, comments, and subscribers are also free.  

    Related: Does Sprizzy count/charge me for views from other sources?  

    How many viewers will I receive?  
    While building your campaign and supplying a budget, Sprizzy does its best to estimate the number of YouTube video views you’ll receive.  This estimate provided is based on historical averages. It is not a guarantee.  

    The estimated total video views will show after entering your budget.  

    Why can’t Sprizzy predict exactly how many YouTube views I will receive?  
    Sprizzy is built on top of the Google Ads platform, and like Google Ads, the price per viewer is dynamic and depends on your targeting criteria. For example, targeting viewers in a developing nation is more economical when compared to targeting viewers in a developed country such as the United States. Additionally, targeting viewers that have more affluent interests, such as exotic cars, will also come at an increased price.  

    Other factors, such as the attractiveness of your video’s thumbnail, can also influence how much you’ll pay for a viewer.  Google Ads rewards ads (videos) that receive many clicks relative to other videos; a higher “click-through rate” generally decreases the cost charged for each viewer.  

    With the multitude of factors that contribute to the cost-per-viewer, Sprizzy can only provide you with its best-educated guess.  

    At this time, Sprizzy does not offer free YouTube promotions or packages.

  • Are Sprizzy’s YouTube views real or are they from bots?

    Unlike many other services (such as Fiverr), all views are from 100% real people on YouTube.  

    Sprizzy promotes videos as ads directly on YouTube, so you’ll never have to worry about bots, click farms, or people being paid to watch your videos. All growth is organic and real with no risk to your YouTube channel or videos. Additionally, all views are 100% verifiable through your YouTube Creator Studio analytics.

  • How long does it take to create a video campaign on Sprizzy?

    You can have your first campaign submitted in as little as 3 minutes. In addition to providing your YouTube video, Sprizzy will request some basic information such as the countries you’d like targeted, a few descriptive keywords, and any similar channels or videos you’d like targeted. Our YouTube marketing experts will take care of everything else!

  • How long does it take for the video promotion to begin?

    Once your campaign is submitted, video promotions are typically started within 24 hours.  

    During the first 24 hours of the promotion, our algorithms and machine learning software will test various audiences to see which YouTube users display the most engagement on your video. Our tests perform many combinations of ages, gender, keyword targeting, YouTube placements (related channels and videos), and more. After this 24 hours period, you should see the full effects of Sprizzy’s Youtube promotion services.

  • How long does the video promotion last?

    You can choose how long you’d like the video promotion to last. Most promotions last between 3-5 days but you can choose as quickly as 1 day or as long as 10 days.
  • Can I promote multiple YouTube videos at once?

    Yes, you can. Simply create a new campaign for each video you’d like to promote. Currently, each campaign can only promote one video.
  • Can you guarantee I’ll get more YouTube views?

    Each promotion is guaranteed to increase your YouTube views.  

    If Google Ads does not approve your video promotion, and we are unsuccessful in delivering the YouTube views, we will refund any unspent funds still in your account.

  • Can I promote monetized YouTube videos/will I earn money through the promotion?

    Yes, you can promote monetized YouTube videos, and yes, you can earn revenue from the promotion itself.
  • Will views from Sprizzy's promotion show in my Creator Studio Analytics?

    Yes, they will. At any time, you can check the video "Reach" report in the "Analytics" area of your Creator Studio. Views from your Sprizzy YouTube promotion will show as "YouTube advertising".
  • Does Sprizzy count/charge me for YouTube views generated from my own promotions?

    Sprizzy will never charge you for views not originating from the Sprizzy platform. This includes your organic video views and views from your own Google Ads campaigns. When running a promotion with Sprizzy, you are charged only for views from Sprizzy's Google Ads campaign promoting your video. Google Ads tracks and reports this data to us separately. All of the Sprizzy views will add to your existing counts.
  • Will my views, subscribers, likes, and comments disappear after the campaign?

    Unlike other companies that promote youtube videos, your video will be seen by real people. All views, subscribers, likes, and comments will remain on your YouTube channel after your Sprizzy campaign.
  • Can you guarantee I’ll get more subscribers, likes, or comments?

    Keep in mind that your YouTube video is going to be seen by real people. If the viewer enjoys your video, they can subscribe, like, or comment just as they would with any other video on YouTube. This also means there’s the possibility you’ll receive dislikes, negative comments, or have the viewer leave without doing anything. We encourage you to learn from the feedback and apply it to your future videos. With that being said, 80% of our YouTube promotions do see some form of engagement from viewers.  

    Please note: You should stay away from anyone or any YouTube promotion services that make guarantees for subscribers, likes, and comments. These are likely inactive, fake YouTube accounts that will have no lasting positive impact on your channel.

  • Do views from Sprizzy count towards my video’s watch time?

    Views from Sprizzy will count towards your video’s watch time, which can be beneficial for ranking higher in YouTube’s search results and having your video recommended throughout YouTube.  

    However, views do not count towards the 4,000 public watch hours needed for monetization. This is standard for any promotion through the Google/YouTube Ads platform.

  • How will this affect my average Watch Time and Audience Retention?

    Most video promotions will see watch times/audience retention similar to or a bit lower than their channel’s existing average. Not to worry, this is completely normal!  

    Naturally, your organic retention will be higher as you’re generating views from your existing subscribers (people who already know and love your content). As with any type of advertising, your Sprizzy YouTube promotion may not appeal to every person that sees it. With Sprizzy, our goal is to help you find more of those loyal subscribers with the idea that they will revisit your channel and watch your new and existing videos. As you amass more of these subscribers, your videos will generate more views and therefore more watch time (in addition to those high retention views!). This is the recipe for higher rankings and expedited channel growth.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes. If we are unable to promote your YouTube video for any reason (for example, Google/YouTube Ads didn't approve of your video), your money will be refunded.

  • Is it safe to buy YouTube views/pay for YouTube promotion?

    While many services claim you can "buy YouTube views", many are also fraudulent which will lead to the views eventually disappearing. This is NOT the case with Sprizzy. With Sprizzy, all promotions and views originate from the YouTube Ads platform (via Google Ads) and follow the YouTube terms of service. All views are verifiable in your YouTube Creator Studio's Analytics as "YouTube advertising". We have successfully promoted over 1.5 million channels.

  • What type of channels/videos can you promote?

    We work with a large variety of channel topics; including musicians, gamers, vloggers, families, comedians, news, self-help, religion, travel, education, social media influencers, and more. We can promote any type of YouTube channel.  

    In addition, we love working with channels both big and small and can handle budgets of any size.

  • Can agencies and record labels use Sprizzy to promote their clients' videos?

    Absolutely. We can promote any type of YouTube video, even if you do not have access to the channel itself.

  • What are the payment methods for the YouTube Promotions?

    Currently, we accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Payments are securely handled by Braintree (a PayPal company).

  • Do I need a Google Ads account to use Sprizzy's YouTube Promotion?

    No, you do not. All YouTube promotions are managed by Sprizzy in our own Google Ads account. In addition, all payments will be made directly to Sprizzy Media; you will never be billed by Google.

  • Does Sprizzy offer a free trial?

    Yes, but but there are some eligibility requrements.  You can learn more about our free trial on our Free Trial page.

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