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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started with Sprizzy

What is Sprizzy?

Sprizzy, founded in 2016 and based in Mount Laurel, NJ, USA, is a family-owned company and the original YouTube marketing platform made specifically for increasing YouTube channel subscribers. Our mission is clear: we aim to help YouTubers expand their audience safely and effectively by showcasing their videos to new potential fans.

Think of us as your video’s matchmaker. We design tailored YouTube Ad campaigns that connect your content with viewers actively searching for videos like yours. All our promotions run directly on YouTube’s ad platform, Google Ads, ensuring that our promotions are fully compliant with YouTube’s terms of service. This not only guarantees that your new subscribers are authentic, engaged fans but also secures your channel’s standing on YouTube.

Now in our 8th year, we’ve partnered with over 1.5 million YouTube channels, contributing to over 240 million new subscribers for our clients. Our campaigns have propelled musicians and bands to fame, supported the launch of major apps, and transformed emerging YouTubers into well-known influencers. Chances are, you’ve already encountered a channel that has grown thanks to Sprizzy’s expertise!

Whether you’re looking to spread the word about your YouTube videos or are looking to enhance your channel’s subscriber count, Sprizzy simplifies the process with an easy 3-step platform designed to grow your channel and build a loyal fan base.

Why use Sprizzy instead of Google Ads (YouTube Ads) Directly?

Sprizzy vs. Google Ads: Maximizing Your YouTube Growth

Choosing between Sprizzy and Google Ads for YouTube promotion? While Google Ads might seem like the go-to for video promotion, it primarily focuses on views, not subscriber growth. That’s where Sprizzy shines.

Why Google Ads Might Not Be Enough

Google Ads is a powerful tool, but it’s designed with views in mind, not the growth of your subscriber base. Many users find that despite investing in Google Ads, their subscriber count doesn’t reflect the effort or expense.

Unlock Subscriber Growth with Sprizzy

Sprizzy is engineered to boost your subscriber numbers by optimizing campaigns specifically for this purpose. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Campaign Creation: We tailor your campaigns within our expertly managed Google Ads account.
  2. Audience Optimization: Harnessing hundreds of custom audiences proven to engage, our system dynamically fine-tunes your campaign for the best results.
  3. Performance Analysis: Continuous, algorithm-driven optimizations ensure your budget yields the maximum number of subscribers.

Exclusive Advantages of Sprizzy

  • Optimized for Subscribers: We don’t just aim for views; our goal is to expand your channel’s subscriber base efficiently, doubling the average subscriber increase compared to Google Ads.
  • Comprehensive Audience Testing: Skip the trial-and-error of audience segmentation. Sprizzy’s Audience Optimizer does the heavy lifting, testing over 200 combinations for you.
  • Cost-Efficient Reporting: Our platform is designed to maximize your budget, highlighting and eliminating underperforming segments to focus your spend on successful audiences.
  • Simplified Campaign Creation: Forget the complexity of Google Ads. Sprizzy’s streamlined process launches your campaign in minutes, no prior advertising experience needed.

Why Sprizzy Stands Out:

  • No need for a Google Ads account or expertise.
  • We craft compelling ad copy for you.
  • Expert appeals for any denied ads.
  • Personalized review and optimization by a Sprizzy specialist.
  • Access to “earned” metrics to gauge your campaign’s success.

Make the Smart Choice with Sprizzy

For YouTubers aiming for genuine channel growth, Sprizzy offers a targeted, efficient, and user-friendly alternative to Google Ads. With our specialized focus on increasing subscribers and our platform’s ease of use, launching successful campaigns has never been easier. Experience the Sprizzy difference and propel your YouTube channel to new heights.

How does Sprizzy ensure compliance with YouTube’s policies?

At Sprizzy, compliance with YouTube’s policies is our top priority. We ensure all campaigns are fully compliant by promoting videos directly through YouTube’s Ads platform, which follows YouTube’s strict advertising guidelines. This approach guarantees that our promotions adhere to YouTube’s terms of service, safeguarding your channel and content. We closely monitor changes to YouTube’s policies and adjust our strategies accordingly, ensuring that your promotion is not only effective but also safe and secure. Our commitment to compliance means you can trust us to grow your channel while maintaining the integrity of your content and adhering to YouTube’s standards.

What sets Sprizzy apart from other YouTube promotion services?

Sprizzy stands out as the original YouTube marketing platform, specifically designed to increase YouTube channel subscribers efficiently and safely. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  1. Pioneering Platform: Founded in 2016, we were the first to offer a dedicated platform for YouTube promotions, leading the way in this niche market. Our extensive experience, dating back to using Google Ads since 2004, provides us with unparalleled expertise in the field.
  2. Close Collaboration with Google Ads: We work closely with Google Ads to ensure all campaigns are fully compliant with YouTube’s Terms of Service, safeguarding your channel’s integrity and reputation.
  3. Focus on Subscriber Growth: Unlike other services that may focus on inflating view counts, Sprizzy’s optimization strategies are designed to achieve the lowest cost per subscriber, ensuring you gain genuine, engaged fans interested in your content.
  4. Comprehensive Language Support: Our platform supports all languages offered by Google Ads for targeting, making it possible to reach a diverse and global audience no matter the language of your content.
  5. Tailored Campaigns: We believe in crafting customized ad campaigns that resonate with your target audience, leveraging our deep understanding of YouTube’s algorithm and viewer behaviors to maximize engagement and growth.

By focusing on authentic growth and ensuring compliance with YouTube’s policies, Sprizzy offers a trustworthy and effective solution for YouTubers looking to expand their reach and build a dedicated fan base. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our emphasis on customer success, makes us a preferred choice for YouTube channel promotion.

How much does Sprizzy cost?

With Sprizzy, you can kickstart your YouTube presence with a minimum budget of $50, which on average, translates into 1,111-2,222 highly targeted views. These aren’t just views—they’re opportunities to connect with potential subscribers who are genuinely interested in content like yours.

Transparent Pay-As-You-Go Payment Model

No surprises here—Sprizzy operates on a clear pay-as-you-go basis. You’ll only ever spend what you deposit, with no hidden fees or recurring charges.

Your Investment at Work

Your budget directly translates to real views by interested YouTube users. We focus on a cost-effective range, averaging between 2.25-5 cents per view. Any subsequent interactions, such as additional views, likes, and comments, come at no extra cost—they’re all part of growing your community organically.

Subscribers, Not Just Views

Views are the beginning, but subscribers are the milestone. Sprizzy projects the potential subscriber increase based on extensive historical data. For a custom forecast of views, likes, and potential subscribers for your budget, visit our pricing calculator.

Understanding Dynamic Pricing

Sprizzy’s pricing adapts like Google Ads, with costs fluctuating based on your audience targeting. While we provide a range of expected views, our primary goal is to enhance your subscriber count—giving you the best return on your investment.

Subscriber Estimates with Our Pricing Calculator

Check out our pricing calculator to see estimated outcomes for views, likes, and subscribers based on your budget. Our goal is to maximize your channel’s growth.

For more detailed insights into how we ensure you’re only charged for the views we deliver, take a look at our article on view count and billing transparency.

Is it safe to buy YouTube views/pay for YouTube promotion?

Yes, it’s safe. Unlike some services that offer questionable “buy YouTube views” options, Sprizzy is different. All the views and promotions you get through Sprizzy come directly from YouTube’s Ads platform, courtesy of Google Ads. This means they’re completely legitimate, follow YouTube’s rules, and will show up in your YouTube Creator Studio’s Analytics as “YouTube advertising”. We’ve already helped over 1.5 million channels grow, all within YouTube’s terms of service.

Can I use Sprizzy for non-English YouTube channels?

Yes, Sprizzy supports a wide range of languages for YouTube channel promotions, aligning with the languages supported by Google Ads for “Ads Language Targeting”. Whether your content is in Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, or any of the languages listed below, our platform can help you reach the right audience globally. Here is a comprehensive list of languages we support through Google Ads:

  • Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia, United Kingdom, and United States), Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Latin American and European), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

This broad language support enables you to target viewers effectively, no matter the language of your content, ensuring your message reaches the intended audience across the globe.

Can I use Sprizzy to promote my business?

Absolutely! Sprizzy offers tailored promotion strategies for businesses looking to increase visibility on YouTube. Whether you’re aiming to highlight your products, services, or the unique aspects of your business, our platform can help connect your content with the right audience.

For businesses looking to target local customers or promote specific products, we also offer specialized services. Learn more about how you can enhance your business’s online presence through our Local Business Promotion services.

Our platform supports links to various websites/platforms, including Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Linktree, SoundCloud, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and more, ensuring you can drive viewers to your business’s most relevant online platforms.

Can I link my YouTube promotion to Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or other music platforms?

While direct links to Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud might face restrictions due to Google Ads’ copyright policies, there’s an effective workaround: Linktree. Linktree allows you to gather all your links to music platforms in one accessible location. This approach enables you to bypass the limitations on direct links while ensuring your audience can easily find your music on their preferred platforms. Sprizzy fully supports using Linktree links in your promotions, helping your fans seamlessly connect with your music.

What type of channels/videos can you promote?

Sprizzy can promote a wide range of YouTube channel topics, including but not limited to musicians, gamers, vloggers, families, comedians, news, self-help, travel, education, social media influencers, and more. We cater to all types of content creators, from emerging talents seeking to grow their audience to established channels looking to expand their reach further.

Our platform is designed to accommodate channels of all sizes and stages of growth, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a well-known name on YouTube. We can manage promotions for small, medium, and large budgets, ensuring that every creator has the opportunity to enhance their visibility and engagement on YouTube.

Is my channel/video a good fit for Sprizzy’s YouTube Promotion?

For Sprizzy to effectively match your video with a relevant audience and maximize the success of your promotion, it’s helpful to identify whether your content aligns with certain key characteristics. Consider the following questions and categories to determine if your channel or video is a good fit:

1. Educational Content

Does your video provide valuable information, answer a question, or teach a skill?
Educational content thrives on YouTube because it meets the direct needs of viewers searching for knowledge. Whether you’re explaining a complex topic in simple terms, providing how-to guides, or offering tutorials, your content has the potential to capture the interest of a targeted audience.

  • Examples: “How to tie a tie”, “Basics of digital photography”, or “Beginner’s guide to meditation”.

2. Popular Niches

Are there already large YouTube channels covering similar topics to yours?
If your content falls within a niche that has established channels with a large following, Sprizzy can help you target those audiences effectively. This includes a wide range of topics, from tech reviews to fitness routines.

  • Examples: “Tech Gadgets Reviews”, “Fitness and Workout Routines”, or “Healthy Cooking and Meal Prep”.

3. High Search Volume Content

Is your content in high demand with many people searching for it?
Videos that align with highly searched topics can significantly benefit from Sprizzy’s promotion by reaching viewers actively seeking that content.

  • Examples: “Home office setup tips”, “Travel hacks for solo travelers”, or “Latest mobile app reviews”.

4. Music and Entertainment

Do you create music videos or entertainment content?
Sprizzy excels at promoting music videos and entertainment content by targeting fans of similar genres, artists, or interests, ensuring your creations reach audiences likely to appreciate and engage with them.

5. Unique or Niche Topics

Does your content cater to a specific niche or unique interest?
Even if your content doesn’t fit neatly into the above categories, Sprizzy’s broad audience testing can still find the right viewers for your videos. This includes vlogs, day-in-the-life videos, or highly specialized topics.

  • Pro Tip: When targeting, focus on specific keywords that accurately describe your content to attract the most interested viewers. Avoid broad and generic keywords such as “vlog,” “funny,” music,” as these do not clearly define an audience and will attract untargeted viewers with varying interests.

What if my content doesn’t fit?
There are times when content, such as social media vlogs, ‘a day in the life’ videos, ‘get ready with me’ sessions, promotional content, or topics with a niche following, might not clearly align with a specific target audience due to its unique nature or smaller viewer base. In these instances, our approach is to cast a wider net by testing with broader audiences to uncover potential interest areas. Please note, the outcomes from these broader explorations can differ significantly.

Can I promote monetized videos and earn from them?

Absolutely! You can promote videos that are monetized, and you’ll also earn revenue from the promotion. This means any views you gain through Sprizzy’s promotion can contribute to your overall earnings, just like any organic views would.

How does Sprizzy contribute to long-term channel growth and engagement?

Sprizzy is designed to do more than just boost your immediate views or subscriber count; we aim to foster sustainable growth and genuine engagement for your YouTube channel. By strategically targeting viewers who are most likely to enjoy and engage with your content, we help you build a dedicated fan base that supports your channel long after the initial promotion.

Here’s how Sprizzy aids in long-term growth and engagement:

  • Targeted Promotion: We employ sophisticated targeting to ensure your videos reach viewers who are most inclined to engage with your content, leading to higher interaction rates, including likes, comments, and shares, which are vital for sustained growth.
  • Quality Subscribers: The core of Sprizzy’s service is to help you gain subscribers who have a genuine interest in your channel. These subscribers are more likely to engage with your future content, increasing your channel’s visibility on YouTube and promoting organic growth.
  • Feedback Loop: Insights gathered from your campaign provide invaluable feedback on your audience’s preferences, allowing you to refine your content strategy effectively. This feedback is crucial for continuously enhancing your channel’s appeal and keeping your subscriber base engaged and growing.
  • Compliance with YouTube’s Policies: By ensuring all promotions adhere to YouTube’s terms of service, Sprizzy maintains your channel’s good standing, safeguarding its growth trajectory and monetization capabilities.
  • Sustained Engagement: By focusing on building a community of engaged subscribers, Sprizzy sets the stage for long-term channel success. Engaged subscribers are more likely to share your content, further amplifying your reach and impact on YouTube.

By prioritizing these key aspects, Sprizzy ensures that the growth you experience contributes meaningfully to your channel’s long-term success, fostering a community of subscribers that remains engaged and supportive.

Which video(s) from my YouTube channel do you promote?

You decide which video you’d like Sprizzy to promote. For best results, especially if you’re aiming to gain more subscribers, it’s wise to pick a video that’s already popular and engaging on your channel. This approach leverages your content’s proven appeal to attract more viewers.

How does your YouTube promotion work/who will see my video?

How does Sprizzy promote my video on YouTube?

Sprizzy makes it easy to get your video in front of the right YouTube viewers. We use YouTube’s Ad platform (Google Ads) to directly promote your video. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Your Video: Choose the video from your channel that you want to promote.
  2. Define Your Audience: Provide keywords or phrases related to your video content. This helps us understand what your video is about and who might be interested in watching it.
  3. Identify Similar Channels (Optional): You can also specify channels that are similar to yours. This is optional but helps us target viewers who are already interested in similar content.
  4. We Promote Your Video: Based on the information you provide, we promote your video to YouTube users who are searching for your keywords or enjoy watching videos from the similar channels you’ve identified.

Example 1: Yoga Instructor

  • A yoga instructor wants to promote a “yoga basics” video.
  • They target keywords like “yoga poses” and “yoga workout”.
  • People searching for these terms or watching related videos will see this video recommended to them.

Example 2: Emerging Pop Singer

  • An emerging pop singer wants to promote their music video.
  • They target fans of well-known artists like “Adele” and “Beyonce”.
  • This ensures that the video is shown to viewers with an interest in pop music.

This targeted approach ensures that your video is seen by viewers who are most likely to be interested in your content, increasing the chances of engagement and growth for your YouTube channel.

How quick can I start a video campaign on Sprizzy?

Starting a campaign is fast—you can get yours up in just 3 minutes. Simply submit your YouTube video link and provide some basic info like target countries, keywords, and any specific channels or videos you want to target. Our YouTube marketing specialists handle the rest!

Does Sprizzy offer a free trial?

Yes, Sprizzy offers a free trial to new customers interested in experiencing our YouTube promotion services firsthand, with specific eligibility requirements. The free trial is designed for:

  • Individuals who have previously used another YouTube promotion service and spent a minimum of $500. Proof of spend, such as a screenshot, is required to qualify.
  • YouTube channels and blogs that review products or services. A sample of a past review must be submitted for consideration.

Eligible participants will receive an account credit for a one-time promotion of a single video, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of Sprizzy’s services without initial investment.

In addition to our free trial, we offer a money-back guarantee for those who choose to continue with our services, providing an extra layer of confidence in our commitment to your YouTube channel’s growth. For more details on eligibility, what you get, and how to apply for the free trial, please visit our Free Trial page.

Campaign Management & Reporting

How can I tailor my Sprizzy campaign to match my specific goals?

Sprizzy offers an intuitive and highly customizable platform that enables you to align your YouTube promotion campaign with a wide array of specific goals. Whether you’re looking to increase your subscriber count, enhance video views, improve engagement with likes and comments, promote your music, or drive traffic to your local business or ecommerce store, here’s how you can tailor your campaign to meet your objectives:

  • Target Audience Selection: Choose your target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors to ensure your video reaches viewers most likely to be interested in your content. This is particularly useful for artists aiming to promote their music or businesses targeting local or specific demographic groups.
  • Keyword and Placement Targeting: Specify keywords and select YouTube channels or videos for placement targeting, ensuring your content is shown to users searching for or viewing related content. This can help musicians reach fans of similar genres or businesses to connect with potential customers.
  • Budget Allocation: Set your campaign budget to control how much you spend daily, allowing you to manage costs effectively while maximizing reach across different objectives, from brand awareness to direct conversions.
  • Campaign Duration: Decide the length of your campaign to match your goals, whether it’s a short burst to promote a new single, a product launch, or a longer-term strategy to steadily grow your audience or customer base.
  • Performance Tracking: Utilize Sprizzy’s real-time analytics to monitor your campaign’s performance and make adjustments on the fly to optimize outcomes for any goal, be it increasing streaming platform visits, enhancing ecommerce sales, or growing foot traffic to your local business.

With Sprizzy, you have the flexibility to start, pause, or adjust your campaign at any time, giving you complete control over achieving a broad range of YouTube channel growth and engagement goals, including promoting music, local businesses, and ecommerce stores. Our platform ensures that regardless of your objective, you can find a tailored approach to reach your target audience effectively.

After my campaign starts, do you offer any reports?

Yes, we provide comprehensive reporting to keep you informed about your campaign’s performance. Once your campaign is live, you’ll have access to detailed insights through our dashboard. This includes data on campaign status, spent budget, impressions, clicks to your website, cost per view (CPV), cost per click (CPC), YouTube ad views, and increases in YouTube view count.

In addition, for those who link their channel to our Google Ads account, we offer:

  • Earned Actions Reports & Optimization: Access detailed reports on earned actions and manually optimize your campaign by removing low-performing audiences or placements.
  • Cost Insights: Understand your campaign’s efficiency with metrics like average cost per earned subscriber and Cost Per Engagement (CPE), enabling precise budgeting and better allocation of advertising spend.
  • Advanced Reporting and Optimization: Unlock features that allow you to dive deeper into your campaign’s performance, focusing your budget on strategies that yield the best results and potentially doubling your subscriber growth.

These tools empower you to directly influence your campaign’s success, complementing our automatic optimizations to maximize your ROI.

Can Sprizzy automatically promote new videos I upload to my channel?

Yes, with Sprizzy’s “Auto-Promote” feature, you can ensure that every new video you upload gets the attention it deserves without the need for manual campaign setup. Once you enable Auto-Promote, Sprizzy detects new uploads to your channel and automatically creates a promotion campaign for each video. This feature is designed to save you time and make sure your latest content consistently reaches new potential fans, keeping your channel’s growth on autopilot.

How does Sprizzy optimize campaigns for maximum ROI?

Sprizzy optimizes campaigns for the best performance by focusing on achieving the lowest cost-per-subscriber (CPS) through a combination of advanced algorithms, machine learning, and expert marketing strategies. Here’s how we ensure your YouTube video promotion is both effective and efficient:

  1. Targeting Optimization: We begin by targeting your video to the most relevant audience based on the keywords, demographics, and interests you provide. This precision targeting ensures that your video is presented to users who are most likely to be interested in your content and subscribe to your channel.
  2. Machine Learning for CPS Optimization: Our machine learning algorithms analyze performance data in real-time, focusing on metrics critical to lowering CPS, such as view rate, click-through rate, and engagement levels. The system automatically fine-tunes the targeting criteria and bidding strategies to focus on acquiring subscribers at the lowest possible cost.
  3. A/B Testing for Engagement: Through A/B testing of different ad variations, including thumbnails and ad copy, we identify the most compelling presentation of your video. This process helps in attracting viewers who are not just interested in watching your video but are also likely to subscribe to your channel.
  4. Efficient Budget Allocation: We strategically allocate your budget across different audience segments and YouTube ad formats (such as in-stream ads and In-Feed ads) to determine which combinations deliver subscribers at the lowest cost.
  5. Expert Campaign Management: Alongside automated optimization, our team of YouTube marketing experts reviews and adjusts your campaign based on their insights and experience. This human touch ensures that we can make nuanced adjustments that algorithms might miss, further optimizing for lower CPS.
  6. Continuous Improvement: A feedback loop is maintained where the performance data from your campaign is continually used to refine targeting and optimization strategies. This adaptive approach ensures that your promotions become more targeted and cost-effective over time, consistently working towards minimizing the CPS.

By focusing on lowering the cost-per-subscriber, Sprizzy not only maximizes your views and engagement but also ensures the most efficient use of your budget, leading to sustainable growth for your YouTube channel. This comprehensive approach allows us to constantly adapt to changing viewer behaviors and preferences, securing the best possible results for your promotion.

How detailed can I get with geographic and demographic targeting?

Geographic and Demographic Targeting for Your Video Promotion:

When promoting your video with Sprizzy, you have the power to tailor your audience with precision, ensuring your content reaches the right viewers. Here’s how you can get detailed with your targeting:

  • Language: Select the languages spoken by your desired audience to make sure your video is understood and appreciated.
  • Genders: Whether your content resonates more with a specific gender or appeals to all, you can specify who you want to target.
  • Ages: Sprizzy allows you to target specific age groups to match your content’s demographic appeal. Choose from ranges like 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, or 65 and up to fine-tune your audience.
  • Locations: Go global or local with your video promotion. Sprizzy offers comprehensive location targeting including:
    • Worldwide: Reach viewers across the globe.
    • Countries, States, Cities: Narrow down your audience to specific countries, states, or cities for localized impact.
    • Zip Codes: Target viewers in particular zip code areas for hyper-local engagement.
    • Radius Targeting: Define a radius (in miles or kilometers) around a specific location to capture an audience within a certain geographical area.

This level of detail in geographic and demographic targeting allows you to maximize the relevance of your video promotion, ensuring your content reaches the viewers most likely to engage with and enjoy it. Whether you’re aiming for a broad audience or a niche group, Sprizzy’s targeting options give you the control to customize your promotion for optimal results.

How long does the video promotion last?

The duration of the video promotion with Sprizzy is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Most promotions typically last between 3 to 5 days. However, you have the option to select a shorter duration of as quickly as 2 days or extend the promotion over several months.

How long does it take for the video promotion to begin?

Once your campaign is submitted, the promotion typically starts within 24 hours.

During the initial 24 hours of your promotion, Sprizzy employs sophisticated algorithms and machine learning software to conduct extensive audience testing. This phase is crucial for identifying which YouTube users are most likely to engage with your video and subscribe to your channel. The platform performs numerous tests involving various combinations of demographic factors such as ages and gender, as well as keyword targeting and YouTube placements, including related channels and videos. This strategic approach helps in pinpointing the most receptive audience segments for your content and generating the lowest cost-per-subscriber (CPS).

After this initial 24-hour testing and optimization period, you can expect to witness the full impact of Sprizzy’s YouTube promotion services.

Can I promote multiple YouTube videos at once?

Yes, you can promote more than one video at a time. However, each video requires its own campaign. This approach ensures that each video is configured to target the best possible audience for optimal performance.

Where will my YouTube video be promoted?

Your YouTube video will be promoted directly on YouTube in three key ways:

  1. In-Feed Video: Your video appears alongside similar content as an “In-Feed” ad. It’s presented to viewers who are watching related videos, increasing the chances they’ll click on yours.
  2. In-Stream: Your video acts as a “commercial” ad, playing before other videos. Viewers can choose to watch your video or skip after 5 seconds. You’re charged only if they watch for at least 30 seconds or interact with the ad.
  3. Featured Search Result: Your video is displayed as a “search” ad at the top of YouTube search results for relevant keywords. This makes it the first thing people see when they search for content like yours.

We tailor promotions using the keywords and similar channels you specify, ensuring your video reaches the right audience. You can select the ad types you prefer or let our system automatically choose the most effective ones for subscriber growth.


  • As an In-Feed Video, your video is suggested next to similar content, making it easy for interested viewers to find and engage with your channel.
  • In the In-Stream format, your video is shown before a related video starts, giving viewers a direct look at your content. You’re charged for the view only if they watch for at least 30 seconds.
  • As a Featured Search Result, when someone searches for keywords related to your content, your video appears at the top, instantly grabbing their attention.

These promotion methods are effective for various content types, including musicians, gamers, vloggers, educators, and more, ensuring your video gets the visibility and engagement it deserves.

Can I pause or cancel my campaign at any time?

Absolutely. At Sprizzy, we prioritize giving you complete control over your promotional campaigns. You have the flexibility to pause or cancel your campaign at any time directly from your dashboard. If you decide to cancel a campaign and you’re not satisfied with the results, you can easily transfer the unused funds to a new video campaign or opt for an immediate refund of any unused funds. This process is straightforward and doesn’t require you to request or “ask” for your money back. Our platform is designed to make managing your promotions as seamless and user-friendly as possible, ensuring you feel confident and in control of your advertising spend.

Performance & Metrics

Do views from Sprizzy show in my Creator Studio Analytics?

Yes. You can see views from Sprizzy’s promotion in your Creator Studio Analytics, under the “Reach” report. These views are labeled as “YouTube advertising”.

Will my views, subscribers, likes, and comments disappear after the campaign?

No, they won’t. With Sprizzy, your video is promoted to real people, not bots. This means that all the views, subscribers, likes, and comments you gain from your Sprizzy campaign are here to stay on your YouTube channel. Unlike some other services, we ensure your growth is authentic and permanent.

Can you guarantee I’ll get more subscribers, likes, or comments?

Real people will watch your video, meaning they have the option to subscribe, like, or comment as they naturally would. While positive engagement is common, viewers may also dislike or leave critical comments—use this as valuable feedback. Although we can’t promise specific engagement outcomes, the majority of our campaigns do receive viewer interactions.

Please Note: Be cautious of services promising guaranteed subscribers, likes, or comments. Such promises often lead to inactive or fake accounts, which don’t contribute to genuine channel growth.

Do views from Sprizzy count toward my video’s watch time?

Views from Sprizzy promotions will increase your video’s watch time, potentially boosting your video’s visibility in YouTube search results and recommendations. This can play a critical role in your video’s overall performance and audience reach on the platform.

It’s important to understand that while these views do contribute to your video’s watch time, they do not count towards the 4,000 public watch hours required for channel monetization. This is a consistent policy across all promotions run through the Google/YouTube Ads platform.

However, if an individual engages with your promotional content and proceeds to explore more videos on your channel, the watch time accrued from these subsequent views will count towards your monetization requirements, offering a valuable opportunity to progress towards meeting YouTube’s eligibility criteria.

How does Sprizzy affect my average Watch Time and Audience Retention?

Your video’s watch time and audience retention might be similar to or slightly lower than your channel’s usual rates when you use Sprizzy. This is normal and expected.

Here’s why: Your regular viewers, who are already your subscribers, tend to watch your content longer because they like it. When promoting your video with Sprizzy, some people who see your video might not be as interested, which is typical for any advertising.

However, the aim of using Sprizzy is to connect with more viewers who could become loyal fans. These new subscribers can boost your watch time in the long run by watching more of your videos. More loyal subscribers mean more views and better watch time, helping your channel grow faster and rank higher.

Are the YouTube views from Sprizzy real or bots?

All views through Sprizzy come from real people on YouTube. We promote your videos as ads directly on the platform, steering clear of bots, click farms, or paid watchers. This means your growth is entirely organic and safe, with no risk to your channel. Plus, you can check all views in your YouTube Creator Studio analytics to confirm their authenticity.

Billing & Account Questions

What are the payment methods for the YouTube Promotions?

For YouTube promotions, you can pay using any major credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Venmo. All payments are securely processed through Braintree, which is a part of PayPal.

Do I need a Google Ads account to use Sprizzy’s YouTube Promotion?

No, you don’t need a Google Ads account. Sprizzy manages all YouTube promotions through our Google Ads account. You’ll make payments directly to Sprizzy Media, so you won’t receive any bills from Google.

Can you guarantee I’ll get more YouTube views?

Yes, every promotion guarantees an increase in YouTube views. If your video promotion isn’t approved by Google Ads, resulting in us not being able to deliver the views, we’ll refund any remaining funds in your account.

Does Sprizzy count/charge me for YouTube views generated from my own promotions?

Sprizzy will never charge you for views not originating from the Sprizzy platform. This includes your organic video views and views from your own Google Ads campaigns. When running a promotion with Sprizzy, you are charged only for views from Sprizzy’s Google Ads campaign promoting your video. Google Ads tracks and reports this data to us separately. All of the Sprizzy views will add to your existing counts.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Sprizzy is committed to your satisfaction and offers a money-back guarantee under two main conditions:

  • Video Promotion Ineligibility: If for any reason we’re unable to promote your YouTube video, such as disapproval by Google/YouTube Ads, we’ll ensure you receive a full refund. This covers any scenario where Sprizzy cannot execute the promotion due to external platform policies.
  • First Campaign Guarantee: We’re so confident in our ability to help grow your YouTube channel that we’re offering a money-back guarantee for your first campaign with us, up to $100. This limited-time offer is designed to let you try Sprizzy risk-free. For more details on this guarantee and how to qualify, visit our Money Back Guarantee page.

What is Sprizzy’s refund policy?

Sprizzy’s Refund Policy:

At Sprizzy, we aim to make your YouTube video promotion experience as positive and effective as possible. We understand that sometimes things might not go as expected, and you might need to request a refund. Here’s what you need to know about our refund policy:

  • Refunds for Unused Funds: You can request a refund for any funds you haven’t used in your campaign or that are sitting in your account wallet.
  • Spent Funds: Unfortunately, we can’t refund money already used for promotions since this money goes towards paying for Google Ads.
  • How to Request a Refund: You can manage refunds directly from your account. If you have unused funds in your wallet, simply go to the “Payment History” page. If the funds are tied to an active campaign, end the campaign and you’ll get the option to refund any unspent money.
  • Promotional Funds: Any bonus funds from promotions or promo codes are non-refundable.
  • Refund Options: When ending a campaign, you can choose to have the remaining funds refunded to your original payment method or kept in your account wallet for future use.
  • Processing Time: Refunds are processed swiftly, but please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to show in your account.

Our team is here to ensure you have a great experience with Sprizzy. If you have any concerns or need assistance, please reach out to us.

Can agencies and record labels use Sprizzy for their clients?

Yes. Agencies and record labels can use Sprizzy to promote their clients’ videos, even without direct access to the channel. You can easily add any channel to your Sprizzy account and use any public video URL for promotions, making it convenient to manage multiple clients and campaigns from a single account.

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