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Sprizzy Features

The Sprizzy YouTube Promotion platform is built to save you time and money and, most importantly — get you more subscribers! Learn about the features we offer below.

Choose Preferred Ad Types

YouTube Search Ads – Target users searching for specific search phrases.

Specific Channels & Videos – Target users based on the channels or videos they’re actively watching.

Related Channels & Videos – Allow Sprizzy will find “look-alike” audiences similar to your existing viewers.

Promote Your Video on Competing Channels

Bulk add channel and video URLs in seconds.

Easily search for related channels and videos using our powerful keyword search.

Let Sprizzy automatically recommend channel placements for you with a click of a button.

Demographic and Location Targeting

Target viewers based on age groups.


Locations (country, state, zip code, and radius from a specified location).

Sprizzy Audience 1 $0.72 $0.055 Deactivate Inactive $0.08 Sprizzy Audience 2 $1.02 $0.083 Deactivate Inactive $0.11 Sprizzy Audience 3 $0.42 $0.046 Deactivate $0.09 Sprizzy Audience 4 $0.35 $0.04 Deactivate $0.04 Sprizzy Audience 5 $0.67 $0.064 Deactivate Inactive $0.10 Sprizzy Audience 6 $0.54 $0.047 Deactivate Inactive $0.07 Sprizzy Audience 7 $0.46 $0.038 Deactivate $0.055 Sprizzy Audience 8 $1.08 $0.124 Deactivate Inactive $0.30 $ / Subscriber Name $ / View $ / Engagement Status Audience Peformance Optimization

Earned Actions Reports & Optimization

Sprizzy automatically removes low-performing audiences/placements every hour.

Take control and manually remove low-performing audiences/placements with the click of a button.

Learn which audiences generate the lowest cost-per-subscriber (CPS) for future promotions.

Join the 1.5 million YouTubers that took their channels to the next level with Sprizzy

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