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How Sprizzy Works

Boost your YouTube videos with targeted ad campaigns that attract viewers and grow your subscriber community. Discover how we expand your channel's reach, using a yoga channel as our hands-on example.

Choose Your Feature Video

You're a yoga instructor with a promising 'Yoga Poses for Beginners' video. We'll spotlight this video in an ad campaign to connect you with people eager to learn yoga, helping them find and follow your channel.

Showcase Your Best: Pick a video that highlights your skills or knowledge.

Select a video to promote
Define your audience
Yoga tutorials for beginners   Basic yoga poses Keyword #4 Learning yoga Beginner yoga lessons ADD Yoga tutorials for beginners Basic yoga poses Recommended channel placements Confirm Yoga with Kimmy Subscribers: Videos 2.19M   736 Subscribers: Videos 2.66M   512 Subscribers: Videos 291K   451 Subscribers: Videos 5k 99 Boho Beautiful Yoga Yoga With Tim Yoga with Kassandra

Target Your Ideal Viewers

After selecting your video, we target the ideal audience—new yoga enthusiasts seeking guidance. Our advanced tools ensure your video reaches viewers interested in yoga, maximizing engagement and channel subscriptions.

Interest-Based Targeting: Use specific keywords and channels to attract yoga fans.

Location Targeting: Target known yoga hotspots or expand globally.

Demographic Focus: Customize your audience by age and gender.

Launch and Grow Your Subscriber Base

With your video and targeted audience set, we launch your campaign aimed at increasing subscribers. We constantly adjust and improve your campaign based on what's working to ensure it connects with people who are likely to subscribe and interact.

Launch Your Ad: We launch your ad campaign, designed to attract long-term subscribers.

Subscriber Optimization: We test different ad texts, remove underperforming audiences, and reallocate budgets to enhance subscription rates.

Your video promotion placements
Your promotion reports
Video Views +69,567 Subscribers +13,500 Spent $2,277.15 Cost/View $0.033 Impressions 4,058,034 Likes +221 Yoga Campaign Report

Track and Analyze Campaign Performance

Monitor your campaign's success with easy-to-understand reports that detail ad views, new subscribers, and user interactions like likes and comments.

Performance Tracking: See how your video performs in key areas—views, likes, comments, and subscriber growth.

Verifiable in YouTube Studio: All views are labeled as "YouTube advertising" in your channel’s analytics, ensuring transparency and ease of tracking.

Boost Your Campaigns with Advanced Options

Make the most of your YouTube ads with Sprizzy’s advanced tools. Designed for creators who want to fine-tune their advertising efforts, these features give you more control and deeper insights.

Connect with Google Ads

Link your channel to Sprizzy's Google Ads account to see how many viewers add your videos to playlists, like your channel's videos, and watch more because of your ads. This helps you understand how often people come back for more of your content.

Earned Actions Reports & Optimization

Work alongside Sprizzy and take additional control. Manually remove low-performing audiences/placements with the click of a button.

Auto-Promote for New Videos

Our Auto-Promote feature ensures your new videos get noticed right away. With each new release, we'll automatically get your content in front of the right eyes.

Link to Your Website

Why stop at YouTube? Point your viewers to your website or social media to build a connected community across all your platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sprizzy?

Sprizzy, founded in 2016 and based in Mount Laurel, NJ, USA, is a family-owned company and the original YouTube marketing platform made specifically for increasing YouTube channel subscribers. Our mission is clear: we aim to help YouTubers expand their audience safely and effectively by showcasing their videos to new potential fans.

Think of us as your video’s matchmaker. We design tailored YouTube Ad campaigns that connect your content with viewers actively searching for videos like yours. All our promotions run directly on YouTube’s ad platform, Google Ads, ensuring that our promotions are fully compliant with YouTube’s terms of service. This not only guarantees that your new subscribers are authentic, engaged fans but also secures your channel’s standing on YouTube.

Now in our 8th year, we’ve partnered with over 1.5 million YouTube channels, contributing to over 240 million new subscribers for our clients. Our campaigns have propelled musicians and bands to fame, supported the launch of major apps, and transformed emerging YouTubers into well-known influencers. Chances are, you’ve already encountered a channel that has grown thanks to Sprizzy’s expertise!

Whether you’re looking to spread the word about your YouTube videos or are looking to enhance your channel’s subscriber count, Sprizzy simplifies the process with an easy 3-step platform designed to grow your channel and build a loyal fan base.

How does your YouTube promotion work/who will see my video?

How does Sprizzy promote my video on YouTube?

Sprizzy makes it easy to get your video in front of the right YouTube viewers. We use YouTube’s Ad platform (Google Ads) to directly promote your video. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Your Video: Choose the video from your channel that you want to promote.
  2. Define Your Audience: Provide keywords or phrases related to your video content. This helps us understand what your video is about and who might be interested in watching it.
  3. Identify Similar Channels (Optional): You can also specify channels that are similar to yours. This is optional but helps us target viewers who are already interested in similar content.
  4. We Promote Your Video: Based on the information you provide, we promote your video to YouTube users who are searching for your keywords or enjoy watching videos from the similar channels you’ve identified.

Example 1: Yoga Instructor

  • A yoga instructor wants to promote a “yoga basics” video.
  • They target keywords like “yoga poses” and “yoga workout”.
  • People searching for these terms or watching related videos will see this video recommended to them.

Example 2: Emerging Pop Singer

  • An emerging pop singer wants to promote their music video.
  • They target fans of well-known artists like “Adele” and “Beyonce”.
  • This ensures that the video is shown to viewers with an interest in pop music.

This targeted approach ensures that your video is seen by viewers who are most likely to be interested in your content, increasing the chances of engagement and growth for your YouTube channel.

How does Sprizzy ensure compliance with YouTube’s policies?

At Sprizzy, compliance with YouTube’s policies is our top priority. We ensure all campaigns are fully compliant by promoting videos directly through YouTube’s Ads platform, which follows YouTube’s strict advertising guidelines. This approach guarantees that our promotions adhere to YouTube’s terms of service, safeguarding your channel and content. We closely monitor changes to YouTube’s policies and adjust our strategies accordingly, ensuring that your promotion is not only effective but also safe and secure. Our commitment to compliance means you can trust us to grow your channel while maintaining the integrity of your content and adhering to YouTube’s standards.

Can I promote multiple YouTube videos at once?

Yes, you can promote more than one video at a time. However, each video requires its own campaign. This approach ensures that each video is configured to target the best possible audience for optimal performance.

How does Sprizzy optimize campaigns for maximum ROI?

Sprizzy optimizes campaigns for the best performance by focusing on achieving the lowest cost-per-subscriber (CPS) through a combination of advanced algorithms, machine learning, and expert marketing strategies. Here’s how we ensure your YouTube video promotion is both effective and efficient:

  1. Targeting Optimization: We begin by targeting your video to the most relevant audience based on the keywords, demographics, and interests you provide. This precision targeting ensures that your video is presented to users who are most likely to be interested in your content and subscribe to your channel.
  2. Machine Learning for CPS Optimization: Our machine learning algorithms analyze performance data in real-time, focusing on metrics critical to lowering CPS, such as view rate, click-through rate, and engagement levels. The system automatically fine-tunes the targeting criteria and bidding strategies to focus on acquiring subscribers at the lowest possible cost.
  3. A/B Testing for Engagement: Through A/B testing of different ad variations, including thumbnails and ad copy, we identify the most compelling presentation of your video. This process helps in attracting viewers who are not just interested in watching your video but are also likely to subscribe to your channel.
  4. Efficient Budget Allocation: We strategically allocate your budget across different audience segments and YouTube ad formats (such as in-stream ads and In-Feed ads) to determine which combinations deliver subscribers at the lowest cost.
  5. Expert Campaign Management: Alongside automated optimization, our team of YouTube marketing experts reviews and adjusts your campaign based on their insights and experience. This human touch ensures that we can make nuanced adjustments that algorithms might miss, further optimizing for lower CPS.
  6. Continuous Improvement: A feedback loop is maintained where the performance data from your campaign is continually used to refine targeting and optimization strategies. This adaptive approach ensures that your promotions become more targeted and cost-effective over time, consistently working towards minimizing the CPS.

By focusing on lowering the cost-per-subscriber, Sprizzy not only maximizes your views and engagement but also ensures the most efficient use of your budget, leading to sustainable growth for your YouTube channel. This comprehensive approach allows us to constantly adapt to changing viewer behaviors and preferences, securing the best possible results for your promotion.

How detailed can I get with geographic and demographic targeting?

Geographic and Demographic Targeting for Your Video Promotion:

When promoting your video with Sprizzy, you have the power to tailor your audience with precision, ensuring your content reaches the right viewers. Here’s how you can get detailed with your targeting:

  • Language: Select the languages spoken by your desired audience to make sure your video is understood and appreciated.
  • Genders: Whether your content resonates more with a specific gender or appeals to all, you can specify who you want to target.
  • Ages: Sprizzy allows you to target specific age groups to match your content’s demographic appeal. Choose from ranges like 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, or 65 and up to fine-tune your audience.
  • Locations: Go global or local with your video promotion. Sprizzy offers comprehensive location targeting including:
    • Worldwide: Reach viewers across the globe.
    • Countries, States, Cities: Narrow down your audience to specific countries, states, or cities for localized impact.
    • Zip Codes: Target viewers in particular zip code areas for hyper-local engagement.
    • Radius Targeting: Define a radius (in miles or kilometers) around a specific location to capture an audience within a certain geographical area.

This level of detail in geographic and demographic targeting allows you to maximize the relevance of your video promotion, ensuring your content reaches the viewers most likely to engage with and enjoy it. Whether you’re aiming for a broad audience or a niche group, Sprizzy’s targeting options give you the control to customize your promotion for optimal results.

After my campaign starts, do you offer any reports?

Yes, we provide comprehensive reporting to keep you informed about your campaign’s performance. Once your campaign is live, you’ll have access to detailed insights through our dashboard. This includes data on campaign status, spent budget, impressions, clicks to your website, cost per view (CPV), cost per click (CPC), YouTube ad views, and increases in YouTube view count.

In addition, for those who link their channel to our Google Ads account, we offer:

  • Earned Actions Reports & Optimization: Access detailed reports on earned actions and manually optimize your campaign by removing low-performing audiences or placements.
  • Cost Insights: Understand your campaign’s efficiency with metrics like average cost per earned subscriber and Cost Per Engagement (CPE), enabling precise budgeting and better allocation of advertising spend.
  • Advanced Reporting and Optimization: Unlock features that allow you to dive deeper into your campaign’s performance, focusing your budget on strategies that yield the best results and potentially doubling your subscriber growth.

These tools empower you to directly influence your campaign’s success, complementing our automatic optimizations to maximize your ROI.

How long does it take for the video promotion to begin?

Once your campaign is submitted, the promotion typically starts within 24 hours.

During the initial 24 hours of your promotion, Sprizzy employs sophisticated algorithms and machine learning software to conduct extensive audience testing. This phase is crucial for identifying which YouTube users are most likely to engage with your video and subscribe to your channel. The platform performs numerous tests involving various combinations of demographic factors such as ages and gender, as well as keyword targeting and YouTube placements, including related channels and videos. This strategic approach helps in pinpointing the most receptive audience segments for your content and generating the lowest cost-per-subscriber (CPS).

After this initial 24-hour testing and optimization period, you can expect to witness the full impact of Sprizzy’s YouTube promotion services.

How long does the video promotion last?

The duration of the video promotion with Sprizzy is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Most promotions typically last between 3 to 5 days. However, you have the option to select a shorter duration of as quickly as 2 days or extend the promotion over several months.

What sets Sprizzy apart from other YouTube promotion services?

Sprizzy stands out as the original YouTube marketing platform, specifically designed to increase YouTube channel subscribers efficiently and safely. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  1. Pioneering Platform: Founded in 2016, we were the first to offer a dedicated platform for YouTube promotions, leading the way in this niche market. Our extensive experience, dating back to using Google Ads since 2004, provides us with unparalleled expertise in the field.
  2. Close Collaboration with Google Ads: We work closely with Google Ads to ensure all campaigns are fully compliant with YouTube’s Terms of Service, safeguarding your channel’s integrity and reputation.
  3. Focus on Subscriber Growth: Unlike other services that may focus on inflating view counts, Sprizzy’s optimization strategies are designed to achieve the lowest cost per subscriber, ensuring you gain genuine, engaged fans interested in your content.
  4. Comprehensive Language Support: Our platform supports all languages offered by Google Ads for targeting, making it possible to reach a diverse and global audience no matter the language of your content.
  5. Tailored Campaigns: We believe in crafting customized ad campaigns that resonate with your target audience, leveraging our deep understanding of YouTube’s algorithm and viewer behaviors to maximize engagement and growth.

By focusing on authentic growth and ensuring compliance with YouTube’s policies, Sprizzy offers a trustworthy and effective solution for YouTubers looking to expand their reach and build a dedicated fan base. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our emphasis on customer success, makes us a preferred choice for YouTube channel promotion.