How It Works

So you want to promote a YouTube video? You have come to the right place!

Sprizzy is a family-owned company founded in 2016, and we pride ourselves on being the first marketing platform to focus specifically on increasing YouTube channel subscribers, by exposing your videos to potential new fans and relevant followers.

Our clients love us because of our very simple and streamlined approach to launching campaigns. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a video you want to promote. Sprizzy works will all kinds of artists, musicians, content creators, podcasters, and beyond. Because we are a YouTube-specific marketing platform, our team has years of experience promoting videos in many different niches, so we know what works best.
  2. Provide relevant keywords and channels. After you know which video you want to promote, you will need to identity a few keywords and phrases that you think best represent the topic of your video. Optionally, you can also let us know which other channels on YouTube are similar to your video, as this helps us target relevant users.
  3. Submit your campaign and watch the magic begin! Yes, it’s really that easy. After you submit your campaign to Sprizzy, our team will review your information to ensure that it makes sense for your video, and then we will begin promoting your content to potential new subscribers.

Example Video Promotion

Here’s a quick example of YouTube video campaign with Sprizzy:

Imagine that you’re a yoga teacher who wants to grow your audience on YouTube, and you already have a few videos uploaded to your channel.

You notice that one of your videos about “yoga basics” seems to be doing a bit better than your others, and you think promoting that video might help it gain more views faster, and potentially, more subscribers to your new channel about yoga. So, you login to Sprizzy and choose target phrases like “yoga poses” and “learning yoga” that might interest beginners who want to learn the basics of yoga. And you also found a few other YouTube channels that you think have the same type of fans you want to attract, so you mention these in your Sprizzy settings too.

After submitting this campaign, our team would be targeting those phrases and channels that you specified.

Keep in mind that the results of every promotion are a bit different — at minimum, your video should begin receiving more views. In some cases, you might notice some new comments being posted on your videos, or new subscribers to your channel. However, we can’t guarantee a certain number of subscribers (etc), because we are targeting REAL users who will make those decisions on their own. Sprizzy NEVER uses bots or fake users to grow views or subscriber counts, so every campaign will follow a natural trajectory.