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Customer Reviews

Omari MC

Results will always vary from person to person, but all views that you receive from Sprizzy’s services are legit and guaranteed to come from real people. They promise to never use bots or click-farms, only real organic growth and promotion. They even offer YouTube Creator Studio analytics to ensure all views are 100% verifiable and your channel will not be put at risk through illegitimate streams.

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By using the keywords, phrases, and similar channels you provide to Sprizzy, they are able to ensure your video gets seen only by YouTubers who are searching for similar content to your own. For example, you are an up-and-coming pop artist promoting your latest video single and you’ve provided Adele or Justin Bieber as one of your similar channels/artists. When a user searches Adele or Justin Bieber music video, your video will pop up on their screen either before the Adele or Bieber video, or it may appear on the side of the screen in the ‘recommended’ videos (which means it’s real organic traffic, not any bot that will watch your videos). And since it’s real you will be able to receive a like, comment, and subscribes for you. But expect also dislikes as well since it provides real feedback.

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The X King

As you can see above I was getting views everyday. Before I run the ad I had only 1 sub to the channel and now I have 15 total. It’s not a lot but I will take it. Sprizzy does use Google ads to run your ads for you so it is legit. I wish I would have gotten more subs but Sprizzy cant make people sub to my channel and to be honest the video thumbnail is not that great and the video is OK. The video did get 12 comments, 17 likes and 10 dislikes which will all help the video get more views over time. Right now the video is getting a tad bit traffic maybe 1 or 2 people per day after the ad. I was getting views, comments and subs to my channel. I did get some likes and dislikes but all that just helps the video. Sprizzy did give me views to my channel so I can see how Sprizzy can help build your online business. Sprizzy will drive traffic to your video and that video can be promoting an offer to sell or your other business that you have.

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Pro Musician Hub

Through their tried-and-true methods of marketing and advertising, Sprizzy does have a successful track record and has helped over 500,000 thousand channels in their growth. Although there is no free trial to determine whether or not Sprizzy works for you, you have the option to try a smaller package to determine whether or not you should continue using the service. If you are a musician, then you will need to promote your video in some way or another. Choosing programs like Sprizzy to help you market your music will make your life easier, and ensure it gets out to more of the right people.

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The interface is simple as pie, as it should be if you’re paying a company to watch your video. You can select a few different targets, like if you want more subscribers, more views, or more likes. Not sure how they target this, but it made me feel good, like drinking a green juice after a long night of boozing… In the end I got 5k new views, and 20 more likes and subs. If that is worth 100 bucks to you then that is what it is… I’m always looking for ways to get my content in front of people who would enjoy it, which is something Sprizzy seemed to actually do, through some sort of “analysis”. In the end, yes, it works, and was relatively painless.

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Social Tomatoes

Starting a Sprizzy YouTube campaign was very simple. I created an account on Sprizzy, added details of URL to my YouTube video that I wanted to promote, choose the locations etc. of the audience I intended to target, and selected my budget for it. A YouTube campaign with Sprizzy is pretty cheap actually; with $30 starting price and views around 1200 and more. This way, I was able to increase not only my video’s views but also grew awareness for my channel.

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