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Sprizzy's video promotion services were affordable and got me a bunch of new views and subscribers on YouTube for a low price and I loved that about this company! Consistently received emails from the team with helpful information or making sure the campaign was going well. I was getting likes and dislikes as well as comments specific to things that happened in the video so it was nice to find an ad company not using bots and giving me real interactions! Was very satisfied with the results and already began my next campaign. Definitely recommend!

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Local Business Video Ads

How We Spotlight Your Local Small Business through YouTube Ads

Expand your reach with precision-targeted ads that put your business front and center. Sprizzy promotes your local business across the YouTube ads platform, targeting viewers within a specific radius or those searching for services like yours on Google. By aligning your video ads with relevant local searches and interests, we bring your business to viewers most likely to become a customer.

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How Sprizzy Promotes Your Local Business to Targeted Audiences

Select a video, answer a few questions, and let Sprizzy work it's magic.

Choose a Video from Your Business

Select a video that showcases your local business's unique appeal. We'll create a YouTube Ad from it.


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Tell Us About Your Audience

Define your desired customer base with options like location, age, gender, and interests, along with keywords they're searching on Google.


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Get New Customers

Sprizzy places your ad in front of the right people, helping you attract new customers and grow your local business presence.


Case Study:

Grails Miami: A Culinary Hotspot's Journey to Local Fame


To become a well-known dining destination for Miamians by increasing local reservations.


Leveraged Sprizzy's geo-targeting ads to showcase Grails Miami’s unique sneaker-themed ambiance and mouth-watering cuisine to food enthusiasts within a 5-mile radius.


A staggering 400% increase in reservations was achieved, turning Grails Miami into a buzzing hub for food lovers and sneaker aficionados alike.

  • Grails Miami: A Culinary Hotspot's Journey to Local Fame case study

    Grails Miami


  • Grails Miami: A Culinary Hotspot's Journey to Local Fame case study

    Spanglish Miami


  • Grails Miami: A Culinary Hotspot's Journey to Local Fame case study

    Miss G Tutors


Local Business Video Marketing

Features That Benefit Your Local Business Video Marketing

Local business promotion services offer business owners unparalleled exposure. We target the right audiences, ensuring your business gains increased interaction, comments, and genuine subscribers. Boost your growth with Sprizzy.

Geo-Targeted Reach

Expand your presence by targeting ads to customers within specific cities, zip codes, or a set radius from your location, ensuring your message reaches the right local audience.

Google Search Retargeting

Increase visibility by showing your ads to potential customers who have previously searched for keywords related to your business or services, encouraging them to revisit and engage with your brand.

Gain YouTube Subscribers

Build a community around your brand as viewers who subscribe through your ads are more likely to see your future content, leading to repeat engagement and ongoing customer relationships.

Transparent Tracking

Access detailed analytics to monitor your campaign's performance, measure success through metrics like views and click-through rates, and make informed decisions to optimize your ad strategy.

Flexible Budgeting

Manage your advertising spend effectively with the ability to adjust budgets based on performance, maximizing your return on investment and ensuring cost-effective promotion.

Sprizzy vs. Google Ads: The Local Business Advertising Advantage

The Sprizzy Advantage: Direct and Simplified Local Advertising

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User-Friendly Reporting
Quick Campaign Setup (Under 2 Minutes)
Target Viewers Based on Search History
Custom, Easy-to-Understand Analytics
One-Click Optimization Suggestions
Local Market Targeting Expertise
Tailored Support for Small Businesses
Non-Technical Interface

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3,000 – 4,500

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is local business video promotion?

Local business video promotion involves creating and placing video ads on platforms like YouTube to target a specific local audience, increasing brand visibility and customer engagement in your community.

How does Sprizzy target the right audience for my business?

Sprizzy uses advanced geo-targeting and Google search retargeting to place your ads in front of customers based on location, search history, and interests, ensuring high relevance and engagement.

Can I track the performance of my businesses’ video ads?

Yes, with Sprizzy’s transparent tracking feature, you can monitor detailed analytics, including views, engagement, and conversion rates, to see the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What makes Sprizzy different from Google Ads for local advertising?

Sprizzy specializes in local advertising with a focus on video promotion, offering a more personalized and targeted approach with flexible budgeting and user-friendly analytics tailored to local businesses.

How can Sprizzy help increase my business's online presence?

Sprizzy enhances your online presence by leveraging YouTube’s vast user base to promote your business through video ads, which can lead to increased website traffic, in-store visits, and overall brand awareness.

Is Sprizzy suitable for all types of local businesses?

Absolutely! Sprizzy is versatile and can cater to a variety of local businesses, from restaurants and boutiques to professional services and educational tutors, to amplify their reach within the community.

How do I get started with Sprizzy for my local video business promotion?

Getting started is easy! Simply click on the ‘Start Your Local Campaign’ button, select your promotional video, define your audience, and set your budget. Sprizzy will handle the rest, from ad creation to placement and performance tracking.

YouTube Local Business Promotion FAQ

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