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Estimates are based on historical data and are meant to provide a general idea of potential promotion performance. Actual results may vary due to factors like video content quality and targeting accuracy.

How Sprizzy’s Pricing Works

With Sprizzy, you always know exactly how much you're spending. Here’s how it works:

What does it cost?

  • ▸ Start promoting your video with as little as $50.
  • ▸ You only pay for the views your ads receive, with no hidden costs or monthly fees.
  • ▸ With our pay-as-you-go model, you decide the exact amount you want to spend on each promotion—no surprises.

How Your Budget is Spent

  • ▸ A small fraction of your budget is used each time a viewer watches your ad on YouTube.
  • ▸ Sprizzy is designed to optimize your budget and focus on subscriber gains at the lowest cost.
  • ▸ There are no extra charges for repeated views by the same user or interactions like likes and comments.

How Long Does The Promotion Last?

  • ▸ You set the end date when you set up your promotion.
  • ▸ Sprizzy will attempt to evenly spend your budget until your desired end date.
  • ▸ Your promotion ends after your entire budget is spent.

Factors Influencing Cost Per View (CPV)

Your promotion’s cost per view can vary based on several factors:

  • ▸ Geographic Competition: Areas with higher demand, like the USA, may have a higher CPV.
  • ▸ Local Targeting: More precise targeting within specific cities or regions can increase CPV due to focused competition.
  • ▸ High-Value Keywords: Keywords linked to lucrative industries or high-value demographics may incur higher costs.
  • ▸ Time-Sensitive Promotion: Advertising during peak periods or around significant events might increase costs due to heightened competition.
  • ▸ Video Thumbnail Quality: An engaging thumbnail can decrease CPV by improving your ad’s click-through rate, as more engaging ads are rewarded by the platform.
  • ▸ Audience Targeting Precision: Highly specific targeting can lead to competitive bidding, which may affect CPV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sprizzy cost?

With Sprizzy, you can kickstart your YouTube presence with a minimum budget of $50, which on average, translates into 1,111-2,222 highly targeted views. These aren’t just views—they’re opportunities to connect with potential subscribers who are genuinely interested in content like yours.

Transparent Pay-As-You-Go Payment Model

No surprises here—Sprizzy operates on a clear pay-as-you-go basis. You’ll only ever spend what you deposit, with no hidden fees or recurring charges.

Your Investment at Work

Your budget directly translates to real views by interested YouTube users. We focus on a cost-effective range, averaging between 2.25-5 cents per view. Any subsequent interactions, such as additional views, likes, and comments, come at no extra cost—they’re all part of growing your community organically.

Subscribers, Not Just Views

Views are the beginning, but subscribers are the milestone. Sprizzy projects the potential subscriber increase based on extensive historical data. For a custom forecast of views, likes, and potential subscribers for your budget, visit our pricing calculator.

Understanding Dynamic Pricing

Sprizzy’s pricing adapts like Google Ads, with costs fluctuating based on your audience targeting. While we provide a range of expected views, our primary goal is to enhance your subscriber count—giving you the best return on your investment.

Subscriber Estimates with Our Pricing Calculator

Check out our pricing calculator to see estimated outcomes for views, likes, and subscribers based on your budget. Our goal is to maximize your channel’s growth.

For more detailed insights into how we ensure you’re only charged for the views we deliver, take a look at our article on view count and billing transparency.

What are the payment methods for the YouTube Promotions?

For YouTube promotions, you can pay using any major credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Venmo. All payments are securely processed through Braintree, which is a part of PayPal.

Does Sprizzy offer a free trial?

Yes, Sprizzy offers a free trial to new customers interested in experiencing our YouTube promotion services firsthand, with specific eligibility requirements. The free trial is designed for:

  • Individuals who have previously used another YouTube promotion service and spent a minimum of $500. Proof of spend, such as a screenshot, is required to qualify.
  • YouTube channels and blogs that review products or services. A sample of a past review must be submitted for consideration.

Eligible participants will receive an account credit for a one-time promotion of a single video, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of Sprizzy’s services without initial investment.

In addition to our free trial, we offer a money-back guarantee for those who choose to continue with our services, providing an extra layer of confidence in our commitment to your YouTube channel’s growth. For more details on eligibility, what you get, and how to apply for the free trial, please visit our Free Trial page.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Sprizzy is committed to your satisfaction and offers a money-back guarantee under two main conditions:

  • Video Promotion Ineligibility: If for any reason we’re unable to promote your YouTube video, such as disapproval by Google/YouTube Ads, we’ll ensure you receive a full refund. This covers any scenario where Sprizzy cannot execute the promotion due to external platform policies.
  • First Campaign Guarantee: We’re so confident in our ability to help grow your YouTube channel that we’re offering a money-back guarantee for your first campaign with us, up to $100. This limited-time offer is designed to let you try Sprizzy risk-free. For more details on this guarantee and how to qualify, visit our Money Back Guarantee page.

Can I promote monetized videos and earn from them?

Absolutely! You can promote videos that are monetized, and you’ll also earn revenue from the promotion. This means any views you gain through Sprizzy’s promotion can contribute to your overall earnings, just like any organic views would.