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How it Works

Trusted by 1,500,000+ YouTube creators and agencies since 2016. Located in the USA.

YouTube Video Promotion

Getting started with Sprizzy is easy. Learn how you can build a subscriber-focused Google Ads campaign in just 3 steps. Use Sprizzy to promote your YouTube video to YouTubers watching videos just like yours!

01. Tell us who should see your video promotion

Provide keywords that describe your YouTube video and the names of similar YouTube channels. We'll use this to create targeted YouTube Ads.

YouTube Video Promotion

02. We get their attention with highly-targeted YouTube Ads

Using YouTube Ads, we'll promote your chosen video to YouTubers searching for your keywords and to fans of similar & competing channels.

YouTube Promotion Company

03. Get real views, subscribers, and engagement on YouTube

The real YouTubers targeted in the promotion will naturally find your video exciting and can like, comment, and subscribe to your channel.

Get More Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube Promotion Service

Below are examples of YouTube videos that used Sprizzy's YouTube Promotion Service to grow their channel organically with real viewers. Our YouTube promotion costs are priced "per view" and range from .02-.04 cents (on average). See why we're rated one of the best YouTube promotion services.

1,537,821 YouTube channels ❤️ our benefits

Expert-level YouTube Ads in minutes

Creating YouTube ads for subscribers is difficult and time-consuming. Sprizzy turns this into a simple 3-step process that only takes minutes.

Filter low engaging viewers

When we promote a YouTube video, we automatically filter out "low engagement" viewers (such as kids on parents devices) to maximize your budget.

Real-time analytics & Earned actions support

See exactly how many new real views, subscribers, likes, and comments you've received on YouTube each day from your Sprizzy campaigns. Link your YouTube channel to view "earned" actions.

Smart targeting algorithm

We combine machine learning and continuous A/B testing to find your most relevant audience (ages, genders, locations, interests, placements are all tested!).

Big and small YouTube channels are welcome

We love to grow YouTube channels both big and small and can handle budgets of any size. Need your video promoted in a hurry? We can do that too!

Buy Real YouTube views for real engagement

Sprizzy will never use bots, click farms, or pay people to watch your videos. Sprizzy's YouTube promotion service is real and uses Google Ads with no risk to your channel or monetization.

Real YouTube Promotion

We believe the only way to promote your YouTube is the real & organic way. We pride ourselves on being the first real YouTube promotion service to buy views and subscribers; our customers can back us up.

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