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7 Things That New Youtubers Worry About – That Aren’t important!

This article will focus on things new YouTubers worry about that aren’t important, especially in the beginning. Click to learn more!

This article will focus on aspects of the new YouTuber journey, specifically on things that new YouTubers worry about, that aren’t important, especially in the beginning. They can become more important as time goes on, but most of these things are just time-wasters in the beginning. Many new YouTubers get so caught up in certain things that don’t really help their channel grow in the beginning. They worry about things that aren’t going to majorly affect their views or subscribers. 

The problem with worrying about things that don’t really matter at the beginning of your YouTube journey is that worrying about these details often slows down the momentum and excitement of starting a new channel. People start to complicate their channel and it never takes off as it should have.  Basically, new YouTubers often major in the minor details and struggle to get their channels off the ground. Maybe you have been in this situation and are focused on the wrong details. This article will cover some of those things, and touch on what new YouTubers should actually focus on! 

Things new YouTubers worry about:

  1. Perfecting Their Bumper From Fiverr
  2. Perfecting Their Banner
  3. Realizing They Uploaded an Imperfect Video
  4. Asking For Subscribers
  5. Obsession With Production Quality
  6. Analytics

#1 Ordering and Perfecting Their Bumper From Fiverr

One of the biggest things that new YouTubers worry about is getting a bumper! If you don’t know what a bumper is, it is that quick 3-5 second video at the beginning of some people’s videos that show the channel name or logo and other info, to give the channel a serious and professional feel. It can also be called a logo-sting. It is not even necessary to have this logo sting or bumper, but some new YouTubers feel that it is essential and worry about this more than making actual videos. 

At the beginning of your YouTuber journey, having a bumper will not make or break your success. In fact, instead of a bumper, you can just have yourself mention briefly what the channel is about and a quick call to action to subscribe. Or you could make a slide in Canva ( that has your channel name and any other important info and drop it in the video for about 3 seconds.  The bumper doesn’t have to be twirly dust or footage on top of a mountain to be effective.

So, instead of worrying about the bumper, think about what you want your channel to focus on and mention that at the beginning of your videos to encourage people to subscribe. Down the line when your channel is steadily growing and you have a stronger understanding of your audience and niche, you can invest more time and money into a bumper at that point. 

#2 Perfecting Their Banner

I know that I have been guilty of this one. I get so focused on making the most beautiful banner and I don’t want anyone to come to my channel till it looks 100% amazing. The main problem with worrying and spending too much time on the banner is that your channel focus may change. Often people start a channel about one topic, then they switch and change ideas. This happens a lot at the beginning. 

Even along the way, expect to shift gears from season to season. Most people that actually find your first videos in youtube search, often don’t actually click over to your channel page. Only a very small percent actually will. So, most people won’t even see your banner. 

Also, banner quality can vary, but it isn’t always an indicator of channel success. I have seen huge channels with very basic banners. I have seen small channels with highly professional banners. So a perfect banner won’t guarantee success. It is a work in progress. It is better to have something done than waste a long time making it perfect, only to change it again soon. 

#3 Uploading an Imperfect Video

Often, in the beginning, new YouTubers are hard on themselves and their content. They want it to be so perfect and refuse to upload anything less. The problem with that is that in the beginning, most YouTubers or channels aren’t experts at editing and filming and getting everything perfect. On youtube especially, people aren’t expecting a perfect video. People love youtube for its more realistic content than highly produced tv content. 

So, don’t let imperfect content slow you down. If you mispronounced something, misspelled something, or forgot to edit out some parts, just learn from it and make sure it doesn’t happen in the next video.  Trying to fix everything on your first videos might prevent you from putting out more content. The more content you put out, the more you naturally improve. So unless the video has a major flaw (like no sound, bad audio or a glitch) just leave it up and put your energy into your next video!

#4 Asking For Subscribers

Subscribe Animation Button From Fiverr

I know what you’re thinking, who doesn’t want to ask for subscribers?!? Well, actually a lot of new YouTubers avoid asking directly because they don’t want to come across as pushy or they believe people will just subscribe if they like the content. And sometimes, they just don’t think about asking. Oftentimes, people don’t think about subscribing until you actually ask them to. So, don’t be afraid to give your viewers a “call to action” or in other words, ask them to subscribe! Or you can put a pop-up at the bottom of the frame during the video to remind viewers to subscribe. 

#5 Perfect Production Quality

One of the biggest things that new YouTubers worry about is production quality. Some people don’t want to start recording for their channel until they get all the gear. The camera, the lights, the audio, the editing programs, and on and on. The reality is many of those people go overkill on the gear, and then decide after a few videos that they don’t have time for a channel and making videos. The gear then just collects dust and the channel dies. 

I believe it is better to start with what you have and keep it simple and basic. That way you can gauge if you even like creating and uploading videos. And as you grow, invest in better gear when the time is right. 

#6 Focusing on Analytics

When you are just starting a channel, the analytics are going to be slow because you just don’t have the audience to reflect any major analytics. Some people put out one video and stare at the analytics waiting for another view or another subscriber.

Channel Analytics Dashboard

Instead of using that time to look at analytics, wait until you have at least 10-20 videos before really worrying about what your analytics are showing. Analytics are the most accurate over time and with more videos. So, don’t bog yourself down with analytics when you are just starting out. Focus on making videos!

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