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Maximize Your Views and Engagement After Uploading!

In this article you will learn tips and tricks to increase your views and engagement organically after publishing your YouTube Video!

Maximize Your Views and Engagement After Uploading Your YouTube Video!

After working hours filming, editing, and uploading your video, it’s finally published! All the hard work is over and you can just sit back, kick your feet up, and watch the views, comments, and subscribers roll in right? Well, if you’re a big YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, that might be all you need to do. Read on to find out how to maximize your views and engagement if you are just starting out on YouTube or want to grow your small channel!

Getting More Views and Engagement

Getting as many views and engagement, especially right after you publish a video, is very important. During the first 48 hours after publishing, is when the algorithm is especially monitoring your video to see how many people are watching and engaging. These factors then tell the algorithm to either share it with more people or let it slide under the radar. and Eventually, the video will lose traction and be buried among the millions of other youtube videos and forgotten.  

That is what you definitely do not want to happen. Especially after you have put so much effort and hard work into your video! Keep reading to learn how to maximize your views and engagement to get the most out of your newly published videos!

Part 1 – YouTube Video Tips to Increase Engagement After Publishing

After you have finished uploading the video, putting in a catchy title, clear description, your best tags, and of course an eye-catching thumbnail, it’s time to publish! You could also schedule the video for a future date. However, for the sake of this article, let’s assume you are ready to publish today. 

To alert your subscribers your video is releasing soon, for example at 2:00pm, you can set a video premiere alert about 30 minutes before the video is officially live. Just go into your classic youtube studio and click on the “edit” video. Look on the main screen to the right side and it will say Premiere. Click this and at that moment it will alert your loyal subscribers that your video is going live at the time you have set. I would do this around 1:30pm if my video is going living at 2:00pm. This encourages people to make time to watch your video right away when it is published. Of course, you can schedule your premiere weeks and months, even years in advance, it’s up to you!

YouTube Video Premiere Watch Page to help maximize views and engagement
YouTube Premiere Watch Page

YouTube Premieres

A lot of small channels or new YouTubers might think, well I don’t have many subscribers or my work isn’t qualified for a premiere. Not true! Anyone can do a premiere and it doesn’t matter if it is a beauty video, a vlog, or gaming video, you can schedule it as a premiere. However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get many viewers or any viewers at all in the beginning. It’s totally fine.

If you do get viewers, in the live chatbox, you can write a message welcoming your viewers and asking them a question like, “Hey! Where is everyone from?” or it can be a question related to your video. This gets the engagement going. However, if it’s just a few people, no one may respond. After your premiere is over the chat box will still be available to be viewed, but any future comments will go in the regular comments area. 

Thumbs Up and Writing Comments

Whether or not you do a premiere, you can still encourage engagement in other ways. Right after you publish the video, always give your video the first thumbs up and always write the first comment. This encourages others to participate in the engagement. Imagine yourself at a party and there is a big cake on the dessert table. Nobody wants to be the first person to cut the cake, but once one piece has been cut and eaten, others feel more comfortable to do the same. The same with YouTube Engagement! Be that first person to engage and it will encourage others to follow!

Example of how to Ask questions to your viewers and pin the comment at the top of the comments section to increase engagement
Lindsey LaVida YouTube Channel 
Asking a question to the viewers in the comments

Engagement in the Comments

In the comments, you can write a question to get the viewers thinking and responding. Always pin your comment to the top or otherwise it will get buried as more comments are written. A question could be something like, “What did you think of the video, do you agree or disagree?” Also, “What is your favorite way to prepare chicken, let me know your tips and ideas in the comments!” Those are just examples, but get creative with your questions. 

Respond to Every Comment!

Also, if someone does leave a question or comment, definitely monitor your comments and respond to every common, even responding with a question asking them what they thought of something else. The idea is to create a conversation with your viewers. This builds community and trust with your viewers. I have even personally made friends in real life with my commenters, so the building community factor is real!

Example of asking viewers questions in the comments to create a conversation, increasing engagement
YouTube Comments Conversation

Also, go ahead and give the comment a heart and thumbs up for additional engagement points. As your channel grows and you get more and more comments, it may be hard to keep up with them all, but there is a helpful app. The YouTube Studio app allows you to go in and just respond to any comments on any video in one place. So, definitely download that app to keep up to date with your channel easily. 

Part 2 – Increasing Views After Publishing Your YouTube Video

Its every YouTubers’ dream to get more views and engagement in their freshly published videos, but if you’re a new YouTuber, that doesn’t always happen.

Many new YouTubers or Small Channels get extremely frustrated after publishing a video and getting barely any views. The problem with this is that there is a bit of leg work and promotion required to getting your amazing video out there to the world!

Youtube doesn’t even notify all of your subscribers of a new video release. Youtube might only alert 1% of your audience and judge from their response if they should release the video to more subscribers and semi-subscribers (people who watch your videos a lot but aren’t officially subscribed). 

Social Media icons to share your video to on YouTube - Maximize your views and engagement
Social Media Share Box Pop Up

Sharing on Social Media

So, right after giving your video a thumbs up and writing the first comment make sure to watch the video all the way through for its first official view (and this gives you 100% watch time for your first view). Next, you will want to share your video on as many social media platforms as possible.

A way to do this fast and easy it to click on “share” under your video and you will see many social media platforms. If you really want to get your video out there, sign up for as many platforms as you can and share it on every platform. This puts out backlinks to your video and sends signals to Youtube that your video is getting exposure outside of youtube. 

Facebook and Instagram

On popular platforms like Facebook or Instagram, it helps to upload a short native (upload directing on the platform) video clip and then put a link in the bio or post for the full video. A short clip teases the content and encourages viewers to hop over to your youtube channel. 

Social Media Icons on a Phone - Maximize your views and engagement
Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

A Special Note About Sharing on Facebook

Facebook and YouTube are not the best of friends, and because of that, Facebook doesn’t really like to promote Youtube videos. They don’t want people leaving Facebook for YouTube. So, they don’t promote Youtube video links. However, if you upload a video clip directly to Facebook, that is much more likely to be seen. Leave a link to the full video in the post or the comments. 

Sharing On Instagram 

On Instagram, you can also share a quick clip in the feed or on Instagram TV and put the link in the bio. This is one way I get a good percentage of my views. Taking it a step further, you can talk about your latest video in your stories and encourage people to go and check out your video by clicking on the link. If you have at least 10,000 subscribers, you can enable the swipe up option and put the link in the swipe up option, and send people directly to your video. 

Sharing with Friends and Family

Of course, don’t miss out on your close circle of friends and family. You don’t have to spam all your friends every time you release a new video, but carefully select a couple of friends to send the video to and ask them to watch it all the way through and give it a thumbs up and leave a comment. I have had my friends leave some pretty hilarious comments doing this. 

Also, don’t forget to check this article on what it means to “rank” a video on YouTube!

Use Sprizzy to Get More Views and Engagement

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Let us know in the comments, what has worked for you to get more views and engagement on your YouTube videos?

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