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8 (Must Sub) YouTube Channels that help YOU Succeed on YouTube!

This article is all about YouTube Channels that teach you how to be successful on YouTube.

Sunny Lenarduzzi YouTube

Are you just starting on YouTube? Or maybe you have been around a while and you are scratching your head on how people just seem to so effortlessly succeed on YouTube? Maybe you don’t know where to look for the best video settings or the best strategies. Maybe you are wondering what they are doing right and you are doing wrong? Did you know there are actually YouTube Channels that help you succeed on YouTube?

In this short article, you will be learning how to grow your youtube channel for free using YouTube!  We will be going through some of the best channels to watch on YouTube to learn how to improve your own channel, excel in your value, and learn to monetize your content! If that is something you are interested in, keep reading!

YouTube Channels to Watch

When I first started YouTube, I had no idea that there were channels on youtube, specifically to help me grow my YouTube Channel! But once I found them, they started to help me learn how YouTube operates and what are the best practices on YouTube! So here is a run-down of the channels you might want to check out. While some of their content may overlap, they each put their unique spin on how to do YouTube. Hopefully, you will find these channels very helpful! 

Channels to Watch on YouTube

#1 Think Media

Of all the YouTube channels that help you to succeed on YouTube, Think Media is one of the best. Think Media has been focusing on YouTube for over 4 years, but their video experience spans more than a decade. This channel has grown from zero to a million subscribers in the last several years. They specialize in sharing their tips and strategies to help you build your influence online using video. Their content focuses heavily on tips and strategies, but also on all types of gear reviews. Also, they have great strategies to monetize your channel.

The content is geared toward beginners and easy to understand. To expand on their original channel, in 2020 they recently started their marketing video podcast, Think Marketing. To check out Think Media’s channel, click here. 

Think Media - building your influence online
Think Media YouTube Banner

#2 Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny is an entrepreneur and 7 figure business owner located in Vancouver, BC. Sunny has been hustling on YouTube for the last several years and her channel’s focus is on helping entrepreneurs grow on YouTube. She also includes tons of tips on getting more business and being your own boss. Additionally, she is knowledgeable in Instagram marketing as well. If you are interested in growing your channel as an entrepreneur, definitely check out Sunny’s channel. 

Sunny Lenarduzzi, be your own boss
Sunny Lenarduzzi YouTube

#3 Gillian Perkins

Gillian Perkins has really grown her influence in the last two years and focuses on using YouTube to grow businesses, especially ones that allow you the freedom to work from home. Gillian takes a calculated and smart perspective on growing YouTube channels that help you grow your business. She has lots of basic videos for beginning YouTube. And many videos on how much money she has made on YouTube. If you are looking to grow your home-based business using YouTube, definitely check out Gillian’s channel!

Gillian Perkins, work from home and create a Youtube Channel
Gillian Perkins YouTube

#4 Roberto Blake

Roberto has been in the YouTube game for years and he definitely is a YouTube channel to watch to succeed on YouTube. He has a unique perspective on growing a channel. He also comes from a background of freelancing so he often shares his wisdom in that area.

Roberto has amassed a big following of nearly half a million subscribers, released several programs including Awesome Creator Academy, and openly shares that he earns a six-figure income from his income streams. He has several videos on how to create passive income for yourself. If you are a freelancer or just want to learn more in-depth strategies, definitely check out Roberto’s Channel!

Roberto Blake - branding and business of YouTube
Roberto Blake YouTube

#5 Vanessa Lau

A newcomer on the scene, who is doing an amazing job! When Vanessa got her branding and niche dialed in, her channel started to explode. Vanessa is an entrepreneur’s coach, but her channel includes a lot of information about growing on Instagram and YouTube. If you are looking to grow both of those platforms, don’t miss Vanessa’s channel! 

Vanessa Lau - YouTube tips for success
Vanessa Lau YouTube

#6 Video Creators (Tim Schmoyer)

Tim is specifically the creator’s creator! All his videos are directly centered around doing everything you can to grow your channel! Some of his most popular videos are how to grow from 0 views and 0 subscribers, as well as how to get to 1 million subscribers! His channel goes back more than seven years with info all dedicated to mastering your message and growing on YouTube successfully! Check out Video Creators here!

Video Creators with Tim Schmoyer
Video Creators with Tim Schmoyer YouTube

#7 Nick Nimmin

I remember when Nick started his channel several years ago and he had about 10-20K subscribers and now today he has over half a million subscribers and growing steadily every day. Nick puts in the hustle and knows what works on YouTube. Nick is all about helping YouTubers grow and sharing apps and strategies to make that happen. Check out Nick’s channel here!

Nick Nimmin - youtube and video tips
Nick Nimmin YouTube

#8 Jade Darmawangsa

Jade is the YouTube Influencer’s psychologist. Jade breaks it down on her channel. She breaks down how influence works and what you can do to separate yourself from the crowd and grow your brand and influence on social media. She doesn’t just stick to Youtube, but talks about all the different social media platforms. Jade definitely knows how to make things happen, understands how to influence, and her perspective is uniquely refreshing. Check out Jade’s channel here!

Jade Darmawangsa YouTube banner - youtube education channel
Jade Darmawangsa YouTube

Those are eight YouTube Channels that help YOU succeed on YouTube. If you want to grow your channel’s views even faster, check out Sprizzy’s YouTube channel promotion!

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