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YouTube In The Time of Coronavirus

This article discusses some changes from YouTube in response to the Coronavirus. YouTube in the time of the corona virus. Things are changing.

What a wild ride 2020 has already proven to be with so many things going on in the world. One thing we can probably say one for sure, nobody predicted us to be where we are right now. This is a time where people may not be able to go into work, eat at a restaurant or even hang out with friends. What can creators do to encourage others and make the most of these strange times? In this article, we will discuss YouTube and creators in the time of Coronavirus.

YouTube Changes Due to Coronavirus

YouTube recently released a video about the changes happening at YouTube due to the Coronavirus. Just like many companies in the USA and all over the world, YouTube is calling for a change of work and many to stay home. 

In the video, YouTube employee Matt Koval shares that staff safety is a priority. For that reason, YouTube will be relying more on automated systems to make sure that the videos created fit YouTube’s Terms of Service. On the other hand, some videos may be removed if they flag the system. Even if the videos are abiding by YouTube’s guidelines, they may be flagged. The YouTube AI system is not perfect, but usually very accurate. There may also be delays in reviews and appeals until employees are able to return to work. 

Coronavirus Demonetization

Additionally, anyone who mentioned Coronavirus or Covid-19 in their videos previously saw that content was demonetized. However, that is not going to be the case going forward. Matt Kovel says, “We have to be careful and responsible to reward the right content.” That meaning, Youtube will make sure that information spread about the CV is accurate. It will take some time to review coronavirus content for monetization. Not all content created about the Coronavirus will be demonetized. Some will be able to be monetized, on a case-by-case situation.

Additionally, YouTube says they are directing viewers to accurate information. YouTube is posting information from reliable and trusted sources like the CDC, below videos and on the home page.  

So What Should You Do Now?

So what should you do as a creator right now? YouTube plans to raise the visibility of content from trusted and authoritative sources. However, content related to the coronavirus that is harmful or from unsubstantiated sources will be reduced. However, YouTube advises creators to focus on making videos that are encouraging, helpful, and calming during this time.

To learn more about what YouTube is doing in response to the Coronavirus, check out this video here.

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