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After my campaign starts, do you offer any reports?

Yes, we provide comprehensive reporting to keep you informed about your campaign’s performance. Once your campaign is live, you’ll have access to detailed insights through our dashboard. This includes data on campaign status, spent budget, impressions, clicks to your website, cost per view (CPV), cost per click (CPC), YouTube ad views, and increases in YouTube view count.

In addition, for those who link their channel to our Google Ads account, we offer:

  • Earned Actions Reports & Optimization: Access detailed reports on earned actions and manually optimize your campaign by removing low-performing audiences or placements.
  • Cost Insights: Understand your campaign’s efficiency with metrics like average cost per earned subscriber and Cost Per Engagement (CPE), enabling precise budgeting and better allocation of advertising spend.
  • Advanced Reporting and Optimization: Unlock features that allow you to dive deeper into your campaign’s performance, focusing your budget on strategies that yield the best results and potentially doubling your subscriber growth.

These tools empower you to directly influence your campaign’s success, complementing our automatic optimizations to maximize your ROI.