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Is my channel/video a good fit for Sprizzy’s YouTube Promotion?

For Sprizzy to properly match your YouTube video with a relevant audience, ideally, you should be able to answer “yes” to one of the following questions…

1. Does my YouTube video answer a question, explain how something works, or teach the viewer how to do something?

If your YouTube video answers a common question and explains it in an easy-to-follow narrative, you’re setting yourself up for success. Millions of YouTubers are searching for answers to their questions every day.

Examples of questions:

  • How to tie a tie
  • How to register to vote
  • How to cook rice
  • How to invest in stocks for beginners

Pro Tip: For high-volume questions, try enabling only the YouTube Search Results > “Search Ads” ad type in the “Build Ad” section of your campaign. Then, ensure the keywords/phrases entered in “Targeting” match what your audience will be searching for.

2. Are there already large YouTube channels covering my channel’s topic?

No matter how “niche” your channel’s topic is, if there are large YouTube channels (with 1+ million subscribers) creating videos just like yours, you’re in luck.  You can use Sprizzy to target your video to the subscribers and viewers of these channels.

Examples of topics:

  • British car enthusiasts
  • Weight-loss recipes
  • DIY home improvement
  • Chess tips and tricks

Pro Tip: For best results, target your campaign to show only to viewers and subscribers of your competitors’ channels.  You can learn how to do this here.

3. Are many YouTubers searching for videos like mine?

If there are a lot of people searching YouTube for videos like yours, we can reach them.

Examples of searches:

  • Things to do in Las Vegas
  • Tips for losing weight
  • Apple Watch review
  • • Funny stand-up comedians

Pro Tip: In the “Targeting” step, avoid entering generic keywords such as “vlog,” “funny”, “music.” These do not clearly define an audience and will attract untargeted viewers with varying interests.

4. YouTube music video promotion and song promotion?

Music videos perform very well on the Sprizzy promotion platform due to our ability to reach the fans of similar artists & musicians.

What if my YouTube video doesn’t fit one of the above questions?  

We occasionally run into this scenario with social media vloggers, “a day in the life” videos, “get ready with me” videos, promotional social media content, or those covering a topic with a small number of followers. As we can’t clearly define your target audience, or there are too few viewers, our system will automatically test broader audiences. Results can vary greatly.