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Where will my YouTube video be promoted?

Your YouTube video will be promoted directly on YouTube in three key ways:

  1. In-Feed Video: Your video appears alongside similar content as an “In-Feed” ad. It’s presented to viewers who are watching related videos, increasing the chances they’ll click on yours.
  2. In-Stream: Your video acts as a “commercial” ad, playing before other videos. Viewers can choose to watch your video or skip after 5 seconds. You’re charged only if they watch for at least 30 seconds or interact with the ad.
  3. Featured Search Result: Your video is displayed as a “search” ad at the top of YouTube search results for relevant keywords. This makes it the first thing people see when they search for content like yours.

We tailor promotions using the keywords and similar channels you specify, ensuring your video reaches the right audience. You can select the ad types you prefer or let our system automatically choose the most effective ones for subscriber growth.


  • As an In-Feed Video, your video is suggested next to similar content, making it easy for interested viewers to find and engage with your channel.
  • In the In-Stream¬†format, your video is shown before a related video starts, giving viewers a direct look at your content. You’re charged for the view only if they watch for at least 30 seconds.
  • As a Featured Search Result, when someone searches for keywords related to your content, your video appears at the top, instantly grabbing their attention.

These promotion methods are effective for various content types, including musicians, gamers, vloggers, educators, and more, ensuring your video gets the visibility and engagement it deserves.